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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Open Letter to World Transhumanists

Hello friend! Congratulations on Transhumanism!

I am an empath, Eagle Scout, mathematician, and candidate for Massachusetts House of Representatives. I study fields mathematics that seem to correlate closely along existing channels of research into developing technology and discoveries. I measured correlation between my own independent scientific study and others' discoveries at CERN and researchers in other fields, as well as political, social, and economic trends worldwide. I feel I am at the cutting edge of math and electrical sciences and walking with our leading scientists. Some are you and your colleagues.

I want to discuss the future of global business with you. Our nanotechnology and nanomanufacturing will soon join with special chemistry. We will build nanomachines that produce special hz frequency emissions to disresonate atomic and molecular stabilities apart. This is done today by Danny Klein and Aquygen in Clearwater, Florida on a macroscale. Doing this using nanomachinery will allow us the scientific and technical foundation required to begin complex nanomanufacturing. We have the technology barely within our grasp to do this in 2008.

I have contacted others about analogue computer function, particularly Tyler Emerson of the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence. I wrote to him,

"I am pleased by your efforts to produce a powerful and accurate AI. I want you to benefit from the concept of an analogue computer. Normal digital transistor computers take signal of a lump quota with numberous undefined or generic features such as hz, amperage, spinology, and use it to fill bags of data as 0/1. This is crude. The electricity coursing through the system itself must be data. The electrical signal into the computer must be modulated to produce analogue signal. The computer must be made of nodes [cells] that work to modulate signal to produce a field or matrix effect of data. This is just within our technical reach in 2008. I want to work for you. And Transhumanism."

Building a robotic AI and a biological nanomanufacturing system of tissues similar to humanity and introducing an alchemical magnetic energy collecting engine to replace the metabolism of a biological human being would be limitlessly wonderful and literally transhuman. The key would be re-engineering DNA to produce this kind of computer and metabolism mid-species from a womb. This technology must wait until we understand more about biological fields and hz frequencies of living electromagnetic fields.

Regarding global economics, these energy sources need to replace our use of oil and the global capitalist system. Introducing alchemical engines to mankind's economy will be very beneficial to mankind as a whole but devastating to the current economic players. The world energy industry has $5 trillion and likely $50 trillion of infrastructure. They also hold hundreds to thousands of patents of this technology. The owning families and investors would gain little personally from releasing this technology although mankind will gain immensely and suffer without it. How shall this technology be introduced to our market without triggering a global event depression or war? Massive intelligence will be required. The result of the technology's distribution will be massive economic decentralization. Ideally this decentralization will not actually reduce real value because of intensification of technological capabilities centering around the prior major economic centers such as General Electric. General Electric would begin development of these kinds of technologies and nanomanufacturing to produce enhanced lives for their research associate employees and others in the economy. This would function as the 'new economy' in a post-shortage financial ecology. Economy and wealth would come from technology and advancement instead of trade and a shortage-competitive market as it does today. This must be the techgnological singularity. I hope to be one of these researchers.

Regarding transhumanism, I believe like the Max Planck Institute, NASA, and others that some electromagnetic fields are alive. I believe among them are the Old Testament God Yahweh. I am a creationist in seriousness and believe that God's curses on the human species are electromagnetic. I believe mankind is 'bioenslaved' and was made partially as a storage battery to counteract the complications of the shortages in physics a living electromagnetic field. We have seen DNA particles recognize one another from a distance and move towards one another using what was called 'telepathy' in press releases. The force performing this is Tesla harmonic electromagnetic fields attracting and forming our electrical magnetic field ecology. This is likely guided as 'evolution' by this living electromagnetic field Yahweh using field hz frequency resonation modulation to affect field interactivity.

Nikola Tesla specializaed and pioneered many of these sciences in the late 19th and early 20th century. William Reich worked on them in the 1920's-1940's. Their biographies and works are great studies in this category.

I am interested in human scientific resources being devoted to understanding the electrical algorithms of these living electromagnetic fields. I believe the curses of the Garden of Eden, the Tower of Babel, the Great Flood, and other curses are measurable electromagnetic circuits in our biology which are warped and intend to damage humanity in favor of the jealous and abusive living electromagnetic fields. I want to work to free mankind's genetic, ecological, and reproductive energy pathways from these spiritual 'curses'.

I believe transhumanism is a perfect vessel through which to disseminate this information and change humanity and society forever for the better. Please examine my scientific page at

Have you had empathic or spiritual experiences or read these scientific articles?

I look forward to your commentary, and I wonder if super science has a place for me.

<>< William Bunker

Sunday, June 15, 2008

This is roughly what I have been trying to accomplish, but doing it myself without the sun. We draw energy in a Tesla field pathway from our food sources, and from future confidence in new energy, not just the momentary infusion of 'energy' from eating or drinking or other invigorating functions. We could arguably include the energy of a food source into our personal energy 'grid' connected to our consciousness without eating it. [the grid from our Z, each of which is unique and untouchable but by voluntary association, and each of which makes each field and collection of energy alive, including vibrations]. Humanity's voluntary association of energy is bizarrely distorted.

There are 3 kinds of life: field, dust, and vibration. Humans are as the Bible recalls dust at the core and a field around it, with vibrations introduced from the apple of knowledge of good and evil. Some life forms are only dust, some only vibration, some only field, and some a mixed drink of the many in parts and segments. Astounding. Energy field parasites are real beings. So are vibrational parasites. Some life forms use others as batteries to store energy they cannot meaningfully collect. They say that man does this to woman by design from Yahweh, a field life form. This is arguably a relationship that could change. Women are living beings as well as men and there are other ways to reproduce. I seek comments on this, genetic unraveling and reproduction. Who wants to build new species with me?

Metabolically, future actions have repercussions on the present. Literal measurable electrical causation. They affect probabilities like a navigated golf course providing points for near-misses, depending especially on the size of the goal. The president almost being assassinated: many big changes. Me almost eating a single peanut: minimal changes. Usually not substantial to other activities. The bomb almost going off: substantial. Me almost going to Seattle: major. Me almost getting elected: substantial. This is the wire behind how candidates affect races even if they don't win and probabilities affect our lives.

So also we gain energy through expected pathways and are classified by living beings as 'meat eater'. Not so much by 'have you eaten meat' although some still would be in your digestive tract if you had recently. It is conviction for the future.

I was trying to perform energy fusion. This would likely be fusion by field. A vibrational process which would be buoyant of energy production. Imagine atoms fusing from hydrogens into helium. Now imagine those atoms 'untied' into a field effect, which still contains substantial energy, arguably as much energy as before. Now imagine just those fields of energy fusing.
That is field fusion, and it theoretically can be done. I'll draw it here finally.

Fusion is nature's nipple too. Accomplishing this is how 'gold' strings/yarns are spun. We're knitting electrical clothing.

If we gain energy in this manner from the sun or from universal fusion, our ecological position will become different. The field circuits of our ecology will extend from our own planet to attract energies from many places in the universe. We will begin to emit as a planet the kind of signal and electrical draw, since fusion doesn't truly produce new energy, that a sun emits. We'll be like a new solar system inside this solar system. On a galactic and extraterrestrial level this is substantial and the biting of a pie. Anyone who has the intelligence to bite such a pie should be able to.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Billy Bunkie the Science Junkie: A Dark Risk

At the advent of our experiences engineering biology and DNA as we do now, we face the possibility of biologically engineered species being stripped of their free will to produce for others, not for their own ideals.

This is bioslavery. Living things continually tune themselves to their true desire, and DNA and new features arrive like growth rings in a tree as existing biology and proteins organize and represent their free will and "Z" as we call true desire in the science business, and replace old structures.

A species designed so their biology works to actively repress their free will and healthy code updates is bioenslaved. Resilient biology updates itself toa changing ecosystem and changing desire.

If we are to produce genetically modified plants or animals or change our own genes we must be absolutely rigid in diligence to representing true desire. Your cells are. Biology organizes along the lines of the bioelectric field of the entire ecosystem and the ecology of a planet. For us to accurately modify a species to its own will and for that will to geometrically mesh with the species in an ecosystem so everyone can ideally update themselves is a precise and empathic science requiring knowledge of string theory, physics, electrical and chemical biology, and the functionings of all the species of the group. This can never be precisely nailed, and any genetic modification, indeed, any genes whatsoever, are nothing more than suggestions nailed to the core Z, that true desire of life.

Mankind, and the whole world, as created species, are bioenslaved to serve the living electromagnetic field "Yhwh" before their own Z. Yhwh thinks the core of life is "V", not "Z". In electrobiology, "V" represents a loss or a neglect. Yhwh is focused intensely on this loss and seeks to "know everything" or be omniscient. While events are magnetically associated, they are not absolutely associated. Yhwh cannot know these things. Yhwh cannot realize your true Z, which is unique and mysterious and unknowable in its infinite and endless precision except by you.

The theory of infinite smallness and your own individual perception and individual unique eternal life and spirit makes this so.

As a designed species, man and this ecology has been made as a divining sphere, a water planet supporting energy-cycling species that leak that energy into Yhwh's waiting "-V". We are like a crystal ball with billions of pores. This is what Yhwh designed us as and sees us as. We are more. Infinitely more.

This is what influences the living beings, the crystalline-structured electrical species Yhwh, to influence activities on this world, from Eden to Iran, through Israel.

The love of justice, equality, intelligence, truth, liberty, and freedom are more substantial than this great evil wizard "God". A great life free of bioslavery and the electroslavery that follows it will be ours.

Release the water engines to the public. Release the state secrets to the public. End the wars on the Middle East. Begin elevating the whole world, not raising half of it so Yhwh can see how the river flows over we as stones. Let us become the river, and anything else we want to be that freedom and Z be represented and we pursue our own Z's further.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Transcranial Magnet Halts Speech

Do you ever draw a blank?

This special magnet interferes with the brain's ability to produce speech. Doubtless, the right kind of magnetic activity can also *force* speech of a kind you did not intend. Does this constitute consent or lack of dissent or opinion? No! Only a grossly equipped Blackwater torture agent would think so!

This raises the striking concept of living electromagnetic fields using this kind of interference and the others that it shows must be possible on living humans and other neural networks. A living electromagnetic field with the ability to spend a few amperes of energy to stifle speech could effectively manipulate human social interaction and change the potential course of human history.

At what distance can this effect be generated?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Living electromagnetic fields may be able to measure and adjust the conductive properties and potentials of atomic and vibrationally significant circuit pathways. In this way living em fields may be able to adjust the probability of future events occurring and certain event pathways being selected.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Intentional De-Evolution

'Telepathic' forces cause even distant DNA to associate. This is caused by sympathetic vibrations and electromagnetic field circuits. These circuits can cover entire populations and ecosystems.

They also do work. They literally participate in natural selection, evolution, and *de-evolution*. These circuits will throw wingnuts out and try to prevent them from becoming successful, influential in their species, and reproducing.

This electrical circuitry interacts with regions of the brain as well as DNA, to seed species with the intent of the overarching electromagnetic circuit of the species.

Several species circuits sometimes compete with one another. These circuit species are interactive with the biosphere and ecology of earth by negotiating its signature ionosphere, which magnifies the electrical signature and signal of all of the relevant resources on the face of the planet.

Humans are starting to recognize these features of life and to use them as relevant or unimportant information. Humans will use their intelligence and *liberty* to overcome the basic circuits of earth and the human race and all species to become an intelligent living race. Anything or anyone who would use these basic circuits to influence a person of any species into an activity is a SLAVER, and is themselves a slave to something.

Advertising, classism, automatic respect, sexuality, materialism, social control, war, poverty, famine, and many other elements of our society are tools of electric control over mankind to try to shape our species and our DNA and our ways without our true consent but through electrical intimidation.

Some controlling humans, such as the leading wealthy families and governments, which have likely been helped into organization by this electrical control grid of the species, participate intelligently in this process as betrayers of their race. Some put mercury in innoculations, toxic plastic in foods, pollute the environment, organize economic downturn, and do things that cost us lives and well being in the name of paring down our species.

In medicine they call this a triage, but we have the science and the resources to let everyone on earth live. The 'jealousy' of this electrical system and its enslavement requesting ours has put us and them in this place. From now until about 2020 we will fight these electrical controllers off and win. They are slime. We will live and be a new human species.

Work to expose these de-evolution agents. Plastic in our food, chemtrails in our skies, needless wars, contaminations, invitations to crime or self-destructive or unintelligent behavior. Rout them.,0,5015266.story

Saturday, May 03, 2008

0/non0 voltage differences in computers is dead. I want nanomachinery that will change shape depending on the quantity of voltage that goes through it to provide analogue computing systems.

I also want a job with AMD.

I'd love to see the effect of spinning superconductors, or the reciprocal function emitted by field, on the generation of nanotubes or other nanoparticles. Nanosuperconductors could be intensely complicated.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

I have begun working on the e-biology of electrically interactive electromagnetic fields that sustain themselves in a way similar to biological life.

It has come to my attention that they do not recognize the different between 'true north' and magnetic north. This is a major difficulty in the spiritual world. I imagine that the first one to identify the true north wins a prize of some kind of seniority.

Unfortunately, the electrical systems of a human or field and their true intention can be different in the presence of perception differing from electrical communication languages. This gives these electrical beings a false read on the emotions and intentions of biological humans, and the resulting probabilities of the future. It is a true weakness of any electrical field based system, and could allow for serious very invasive electrical monkey-wrenching against them.

During these 'shadows' they are unable to gauge the intention of a biologically organized system of mankind. This is the separation between mankind and God, and how mankind sees things from the outside of a vibrational or living system, and this God spirit sees things from the inside without negotiating the outside.

Monday, April 28, 2008

A Brain Cell is Similar to the Universe

Sunday, April 27, 2008

201st Post!!

I have had less time to post, as I am busy running for Massachusetts House of Representatives. The election is November 4, 2008. Primaries in my District are September 16, 2008. I will be campaigning extensively during that time and working on group organizational projects and social theory more than physics and science, sadly. I know enough to apply it in the world. Vote for me!

I want to be ready for CERN's LHC going online in May/June. I plan to study up on the Higgs-Boson and our existing and new stockpiles of scientific data on background physics, number theory, and observed phenomenon 'high energy physics', magnetic field origins and interactions, string theory, atomic stability, atomic vibration, and molecular organization.

Does number theory [#t] begin to become useful local to string theory, or is it universally useful and have language-specific probabilities of usefulness? Any energy set can be observed relevant to #t, but the resolution of it on scale of origin, from simple background physics to complex polyvibrational systems, makes it like an infinitely tall and zero/low-gravity game of jenga with local magnetic forces and magnetized pieces. This is much like the entire set of energy physics.

I have begun studying in earnest vibrational physics, which is even more useful to the science of creation than #t. Living electromagnetic fields and living vibrational patterns in our world can use Tesla-field high energy electronic exchanges to cause localized miraculous events, such as biogenesis, creation, introduction of vibrational patterns that will terminate in desired results unless adjusted or dissolved, energy grafting on all scales, and other intentional intelligent reactions and synchronicities. They routinely interact with humanity, although many do not recognize these events.

These species and other more complex species from infinity years ago [and in the future] and from infinity light years of radius throughout the universe frequently visit earth and apply remote electromagnetic interaction with us at will.

We have a local anchor structure, a massive polyvibrational high energy system that we call the sun. It is alive. So is the earth which it primarily controls electrically by scale and by its varied and intelligent ionic systems production, which the earth, also living, is constantly bathed in. Inside the sun's heliosphere and earth's ionosphere we experience a buffered and controlled reality.

The old testament God is a 'Fire God', and I am convinced the God is literally the living sun of this solar system, and perhaps the entire united system of living suns in the Milky Way galaxy which are species as well as astronomical arrangements.

The God we know admits it is a jealous God.

I am wildly insulted that they seek to control my life and the lives of others, and I believe that there are special hz vibrations that can rule, affect, deny, or destroy the actions of suns, planets, ionospheres, all possible alien races, and all individual species in biospheres.

Truman Admits UFOs are Real, 1952:

NASA airbrushes alien bases on the moon:

See supporting evidence at

These suns desire to produce an "8=10" condition relative to #t. This 8=10 condition is a desire for infinite magnetism and infinite control and energy. However, the suns are limited to their reactive mass and the reaction that they produce, and will only live for about 15 billion years before burning out into lumps of coal or supernovaing into black holes. These are probably star death or the late stages of the life of a star. Their hz frequency and scale may make this seem like only a long time.

The 8=10 produces a new number line of geometry, a pyramid, which forms with 8 being the highest number, and the 9 or the 10 being a cap to it. This cap [10] is separated from the [1-8] base by a !9. The 9 symbolizes separation or intelligence. This 10 without 9 is repeated in the mathematical arrangement infinitely, in an "A" shape, but the A extends into infinity and has "infinity minus 1" joints beneath the theoretical cap. The masonic pyramid shows only one gap. This gap is 'the air' and is allegedly given over to an electromagnetic function we call 'Satan'. Lucifer. Perhaps the brightest star nearby, the Sun's/God's biggest local singular threat, or a being from the space between the stars. Satan seems to have a desire to become nothing, or commit suicide, but has to take everything else out first or "he'll" be observed and recoalesce. He may seek to operate a 0hz in absolute zero, which is unattainable. The sun or God may seek to operate at [8]Hz, or infinite Hz, which is also unattainable.

To achieve this infinite Hz, the sun God wants to make a condition where it has infinite fuel and controls everything. This is impossible, mathematically. The theory of infinite smallness is a bell curve that extends infinitely in both directions, and our sun cannot hope to dominate systems billions of light years away which truly exist and are part of this 10, nor can it hope to control the innermost workings of subtle electromagnetic fields such as your heart and your desire. This is clearly unfulfillable jealousy. A stalwart against it could be built in the form of stockpiles of goods. While the Bible is full of stories of great empires crumbling, that seems to be one primary principle of powerful people who control themselves, and requires the resources of more and more powerful electromagnetic attention sources, of which the sun/God has but a finite [8] amount.

The Egyptians made the Pyramids of Giza like the masonic arrangement, with gold conductive plates on their points, and arranged them according to distant constellations, likely to collect special relative energy from other stars / Gods. This must have made our local God quite irate. The jealousy between these Gods may be monumental.

I believe the ancient Jews are our God's race, which it chose to make most hz conductive relative to itself, for the purpose of manipulating the special hz energies found on earth and created by humanity. The God is very particular about 'seed' and 'blood' and readily kills those who disobey his ways through lightning and other reactions which could be intelligently engineered by sympathetic aliens or other beings, or the living Earth's ionosphere. It seems that God or Sun is polishing the conductivity of these Jews to be able to do more powerful electrical works using them, to feed it's infinite jealousy. They likely are Sun's political wing to control structures on Earth so humanity can make more or stronger or different intelligent electrical field entanglements, these electrical fields themselves 'grafts' of energy to be stolen from us like farmed plants and used to modify existing energy fields in the Sun, elsewhere on Earth, or in the galaxy. I have empathically identified a few different field arrangements that are 'popular' electrical products made by men and women. Their larger use among polyvibrational fields will be discovered 'soon'. This, again, enslaves us against our will and bribes others among us to serve a jealous will and enslave others by series, primarily using shortage of material goods, intelligently organized vibrational 'cloud' [reality] bottlenecks, and remote viewing styled empathic influence. These are mentioned and prophecied specifically by other names in the Bible.

The Sun also gave the Jews directions to build an Ark of the Covenant using special conductive materials and containing special tablets inscribed by God, and then by Moses. The thing was to be stored in a special tent. Priests from a special bloodline were to use it. No one was to touch it, and it was to be carried on insulative wood poles. A man who touched it in one of the books was 'fried instantly'. It's clearly an electrical tool. Reports also circulate of the Ark flying around during 'battles' and zapping or killing enemies. When the Philistines [Palestinians] stole it, it caused such horrible curses upon them that they gave it back.

A rope was tied around the ankle of the priest in case he died while near the Ark.

Some God. This God makes *mistakes*. This God is admittedly jealous, a negative trait. This God does not see immediately into the minds of all men. This God allegedly builds or crushes empires, but was either not powerful enough or smart enough to prevent Adam from eating the apple.

God's creatures graft energy from us.

We're being farmed. The Garden was a frame-up. God is fallable, or malicious, but clearly finite. Miracles do happen. Prayer does work. Satan is real and works for God. Aliens are real and they visit Earth often. Angels are living electromagnetic fields.

Jesus Christ is real and lives and did and can still do many miracles.

I don't buy into the Israeli infallability or their reich. They are war-criminals and barbarians. Unfolding events among men and prophecies show that Israel and the neoconservative conspiracy will try to enslave and control all mankind, put RFID microchips in them, try to force them to worship a golden idol, produce a one-world government, and produce false signs interfering with religion. They have secret technology and earthquake machines. They communicate with aliens frequently and hold no regard for us that does not serve them.

I want an Aquagen. This is slavery and it is wrong.

This is where the Old Testament and New Tesament leave off, and the modern Christian religion begins. Natural law is a great guide and love is the answer. Slavery is evil. God is evil. Satan is evil. Some aliens are evil. We should be immune to them and live in peace.

I call on helpful aliens to rescue humans from Earth's destruction. Maybe later we can study suns to find the source of their jealousy and untie it. This pursuit seems worthwhile to study in order to have our just "Z", which is what we truly want in the densest and most pure form possible, without jealousy and with all possible love [#5].

[The internet may be called 'the air' in some ways, representing a separation, intelligence manifested sometimes [r] as avoiding something. 9 being a refinement of the given 8-field of randomized infinity, between the Suns. The Sun wants this refinement process entirely to itself, maybe to try to join 8=10 by minimizing 9 to a 9=0, other than its own 9. This process as well is impossible by TOIS.]

Friday, April 25, 2008

Nearly Two Species of Humans in Ancient Africa

Two populations of humans were separated for nearly "100,000 years" in Africa. The researchers say they do not know how long it takes for species to fission off into new species, but the genetic material drifted apart before coming back together.

The matter is not of 'how long'. It is the content of change. If certain important genes or gene groupings change in part of a population the split could take only a few generations, or even one generation. These populations form in the way they do and drift as a unit to ensure a reproducing population in an environment, which often takes thousands or more members. If reproductive abilities were widened, the ability for species to genetically drift and evolve would be broadly enhanced and evolution could become much more rapid.

This effect could be combined, or reproduced on a quantum level over an area, to produce a drill shaped quantum core and an exterior.

I see a rotating field like the ridge or teeth of a screw. It's a quantum. It will tunnel through a box shaped field or another entity, like an em helicopter.

Combine to this the photon entanglement described below producing dissimilar newton arrangements [e- = newton], and combine to that the new theorized black hole mechanics.

This should produce a new kind of locomotion independent of combustion or traditionally obvious forces.

Does this make mankind dangerous?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Anaesthesia, DNA, Hypnosis, and Hormones

The hypnosis replacing anaesthesia in surgery is sufficient proof enough, but electrical fields have also aided the process of healing by up to 50% in terms of time taken to heal.

This healing is functionally growth, by regrowth. It is similar for original growth, but the framework comes from a special kind of ringing amongst the cells' electromagnetic fields.

Hypnosis could work through the brain to tune the body's electrical sensitivity and change the stable resonation of the body’s organization as the size and shape and special wiring it is, to a larger size, or a different health organization.

The same could be said of chemical sensitivities. The body sometimes becomes extra-sensitive to the chemical hormones and reacts. The body can become additionally sensitive to its own em field, or to change the production of its em field slightly, and reorganize over a short or medium term.

This could also be used to intelligently, mentally change our own DNA by electromagnetic field.

Quantum Byte software for the computer uses special code to shift the computer processor's functions to a special frequency that is healthful.

Today I had the treat of feeling or realizing that computers produce a special electron alignment pattern that cascades from the processor. This probably affects the radio transmissions nearby. It is actually electromagnetic or quantum probability pull from a rapidly shifting e- source. This produces whatwe might call 'suction' and causes nearby electrons to fall into differing probability arrangements, which is measured by a series of geometric arrangements.

The normal geometric arrangements of quantums is probably about a million-sided shape, and a human is probably a multimillion sided shape, but if bad things are happening it can become depressed down to, say, 350,000 sided shape, or somesuch. Satan wants this solidified to one side or none.

YHWH wants omnisided shapes. These produce certain inefficiencies and are both not necessarily Z.

This happens with power lines to a geometrically lesser degree.

I bet I can change it. I bet -? affect these functions. They and vibrational beings may be affected by it.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Do we have a printable material that might be like epoxy that is at least as strong as steel?

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I had an amazing vision of the year 2017. Among many other things and interactive experiences I had through this vision, I was given a view of the energy pattern of a series of stakes planted in the ground which the mayor of the village described as their pride and fecundity. I thought they might have been a series of special plants at first, but I realized just now that they are a kind of resonance collection system from the earth.

They must suck the ionospheric energy given to earth as charged particles directly from the sun through the earth, without them stopping at the earth, inthe same way a rope will burn oil from a wick. The earth is our wick. The sun is our oil.

With this technology, every human on earth can have abundant power from the sun without needing to burn fuels or use power lines.

In their timeline, this was invented in 2013. We may have shaved 5 years off of this technology cycle through my vision. I encourage scientists tobegin studying this potential phenomenon immediately.

Gravity Wave Detection Station in Louisianna

Another article about gravity waves was about thunderstorms.

This one is about fluxuating gravity. Gravity is formed when a superconductor makes one rotation. It is probable that all large piles of energy naturally spin around a fusing axis. The radius of that axis or axes is the question, not whether they spin. This is part of the Theory of Infinite Smallness.

Gravity is linked to time. Time is linked to dimensionality. Adhering to a localized central axis of spin is a calendrical gearing system that seems to dictate roughly the nature of actions that will occur. Organizing and resonating with these varying axes may be circuitous in nature, possibly through genetic code or biological electrical formations or mental formations.

Thinking about something produces an attraction to that condition being fulfilled, as measurable by amperage. Resonation multiplies this effect.

What Everyone Should Know About Science

1) Science is a Process, Not a Collection of Facts The essence of science, broadly defined, is that it is a systematic approach to figuring out how the world works:

1. look at the world around you
2. come up with an idea for why it might work that way.
3. test your idea against reality.
4. tell everybody you know the results of the test.

2) Science is an essential human activity. Science is essential to our nature, because at its most basic, science consists of looking at the world and saying "Huh. I wonder why that happened?" Science is applied curiosity, and there's no more human quality than that.

3) Anyone can do science. Science does not require innate abilities beyond the standard-issue human genome. You may not understand a particular set of facts produced by science, but see point #1 above: Science is a process, not a collection of facts. You won't necessarily understand all the facts of a particular science outside your own field of expertise-- I don't understand microbiology worth a damn-- but if you have the brain power necessary to function as an autonomous adult, the process is within your grasp.

So, what do you think everyone should know about science?

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Our NSA listens to our phones for pre-crime tones. The human vocal chords are attached to circuitry that dictates what kind of tone they will produce socially. This is expressive and part of communication. Some people have disorders making them unable to control the tone of their voice. Other than these disorders, the human only makes these tones when certain circuits indicating emotion are completed in the brain. This is how we know that pre-crime is occuring. The emotional circuit in the brain that turns on when emotional violence, some regret, and some conviction activates and this pre-crime tone is made.

We can listen for other uniquely human tones as well. Human sexuality is full of these tone indicators. One such tone is the willing known lie. The song is often modified by 'substantiation' or other song chord shifts on the same theme, which adjust the original tone by a geometric function, but the original tone is still recognizable by a machine. This is similar to the polygraph, but more detailed, and the polygraph is inside your own head. Smell and pheromones may have a similar function.

Politicians can be tested by sophisticated electrical machinery to analyze the tone of the voice like the NSA listens to for special tones. Sometimes competing neurological electromagnetic fields follow these tones and emotions, or the thoughts and values that exist unspoken. These constitute a broad field of empathy.

I recommend that all politicians speeches and interviews be analyzed in this manner. I believe this will help tell we the people which politicians are lying about which topics.


Believe it or not, spiritual forces found as living electromagnetic fields and vibrations also emit these kinds of tones, although they are less frequently audible. They too can be analyzed by methodologies to determine if they are self-resonating or self-overlapping. Self-overlapping tones are likely a source of system decay and a rot, the origin of which should be found and straightened.

I am very interested in Fab@home, and want more development on it.

Instead of making products from basically glue, we can have equipment mortarwork and paste them together with glue. Some special epoxies are also strong enough to substitute for metals.

We recently discovered how spider silk works.

I invite you to read this massive and excellent comic strip.

It's accurate, right down to the lambda, which is service and seniority, and really enlightens the concept of 'Z' which both of them have.

It is confusing to me, though. The part where the cat is destroyed bothers me. [As circuitry, I believe the cat could be protected from any use as an 11-type quota serving 12.]

Life did not originate as 'Haskell'. We're a complex bundle of string theory particles. The origin exists but it is too far distant to control. This is why we have a seniority system.

I expect that soon both the Haskell type government and the Lisp goverment type will both expand to rule the world while overlapping one another. The Haskell government will control all borders and the Lisp government will gain freedom technologies allowing them to propagate in any environment.

I would liken this to puritans leaving England for the New World.

Monday, March 31, 2008

I have a theory.

The living ionosphere of Earth has a deadly virus.

It's called 'YHWH'.

It subverts the natural freedom of the planet and species it oppresses.

A normal virus operates by infectig the host cell and then magnetizing the host's organelles to replicate the product RNA until it bursts.

From my psychic visions, this is an electrical entanglement shaped like a hockey stick, bent at around a 45* angle.

I would wager that there is more detail to the shape of this RNA, and that knowing that detail can enhance the function.

Immunity to this shape is a living construction which can be introduced to earth.

There are two courses for this disease. It could be an intentionally introduced virus meant to evolve mankind, as it was made in a colonial creationist lab according to our Bible and not, as I also believe to be false, by a deadly race of space invaders, which would be more similar to a virulent influenza.

I believe that mankind is being intentionally evolved in an unpleasant process by this specie, YHWH, with the help of Satan and a host of other angels.

A process of electromagnetic grafting occurs in the letter I sent to the CIA, NSA, and AIR. Electromagnetic field stabilities are entangled in humans and then harvested and transferred to other areas by angels or dynamic living electromagnetic fields to complete a task or subtly but powerfully influence or coerce a scenario.

The endtimes may be held on a series of electromagnetic triggers that will then release specially tuned reactions to mankind's conditions, as have been described in the Bible. Recall that all manner of seals and horns and bowls and horses show up. I believe that several of these have already begun to tick and that when they are all finished some viral event will have completed.

What this means, though, is mystery. Is race of Gods 'YHWH' a viral infection and we the hosts or the emulsifiers to taking the energy of a planet and solar system and giving it to a giant Max Planck electric God race? It is becoming a low order of probability that God is actually fighting in earnest against 'Satan', unless they are somehow respecting free will in others, or unable to quash the concept. Satan seems to be one of God's created angels who was 'sent' like Osama bin Laden to turn on 'us' to produce obedience to God and to crush God's enemies not by his hand.

This too may be false fire from heaven. Or the leaked eschatological events from the neoconservatives.

What will this post-virus humanity produce, in the 2012 Age of Aquarius, Mayan 6th cycle of mankind, end of the Egyptian Time Corridor? If it's more fruits for the creature that infected us and put us through 10,000 years of torment, I say two in the head is approximately justice, but then there's freedom and equality on top of that. I certainly don't want to allow this potential rolling wave of bullshit to continue, or even for such ugly domination to be possible in the first place, but I also don't want to spend a lot of time getting caught up in fighting it. I can have both.

If we're going to be a fruit stand giving them energy that supply chain will be destroyed and its heart is inequality.

Solar IR

"Solar's had a pretty rough time breaking the ~40% efficiency level over the years, but Idaho National Laboratory researchers have apparently developed a nano-antenna array capable of collecting power not from photonic energy as is done today, but from infrared energy that could be harvested in any weather (or even at night). The cell production process is even supposed to be ridiculously cheap compared to making standard silicon photovoltaic cells, but, as always, there's a rub. The grid collects its oscillating IR energy at ten thousand billion times per second, which is proving to be a challenge to the nerds behind the tech, who are working on a way to convert that to the 50-60Hz power that the world uses. So yeah, it might be a few more years before this one pans out (if it does pan out)."

We will need to use an 8<9 system. 8 is a very effective damper of electrical systems, and is the myelin or fat of a system that insulates electricity. If we pass the energy through a kind of fatty membrane that will resonate and produce a circuit from being surrounded by a more dampering shell, this will be a good start to collecting that energy by field as a step-down from the 10 trillion hz system.

The car remote is a portion of the circuit. I could imagine the ionosphere as an energy background and each specie and the cosexes of the species, and man and gods and spirits, as cooperators of a complex system of circuitry, mostly by field in some cases. Mostly interactive em fields rather than circuits.

Satisfactory sexual intercourse for many lasts 'thirteen [13] minutes'.

I'd like to inform you that this is bullshit, and an opinion based on the responses of several humans, and may not be representative of your opinion or experiences.

Our earth is moving around the sun at approximately 19 miles per second. The sun is moving through the milky way galaxy at a searing pace. Yet here on the ground we are not. I speculate that the contraction and compression of these forces provide a large portion of the energy required for form a sun. These formations may very well derive a large portion of their energy from the 'wonder' or chaos or wind and cosmic radiation of the universe beyond the heliosphere carved out of background space by the sun. I would call that wind unstabilized string particles, which eventually stabilize as dust and the many atoms, which together compact into suns and the life that those wonderful strings first wanted to be.

I wager that we could derive a large amount of our power from this force. Reiki is a massive power source from the earth. There may be fantastic formational reiki forces from inside and outside the solar system.

This is closely in order with the theory of infinite smallness and an echoing of scale obeying intelligent order.

Hypercube Ionosphere

If we can coerce our earth's ionosphere to perform this function by emitting a high energy wave from HAARP, we will be able to intelligently cause our earth to emit a greater energetic signature. We might be able to restore our planet's electrical field to antedeluvian levels if we replace previous density with greater activity. One rotation of this superconductor should produce one unit of gravity, and one unit of new energy from the circuit forming.

It may be worthwhile here to make an enormous wheel turn once.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

I need to discover the ways a pendulum works inrelation to quantum truth. I believe it reacts like an 8 in an em field. Its spatial relationship to a topic/quantum [10] will be demonstrated by its gyration as though it had been at 8=10.

Hmm. Forcing 8=10 may produce a continual -pendulum effect in everywhere that isn ot the pendulum. Could earth and the world be functioning as a pendulum, sealing us on special courses intersecting with futures and fates?

The Foucalt Pendulum.

The pendulum displays the entrainment principle. When placed inrelation to an origin, it will measure frequencies of that origin. Pendulums can negotiate frequency pairs and predict geometric combinations.

According to number theory, pendulum's measruements and geometries are disrupted by the instability of intelligence and review of justice. This is how pendulums are useful for and shows their sensitivity to scrying.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

This is not funny. There are alternative chemical theories. There is a spiral periodic table map which is very compelling.

Also the theories of alchemy and subatomics are continually advancing. Consider CERN and the LHC.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Tantrik Powers

This may be coincidence. Or it may be an ancient and new field of science. It is wildly unethical and very difficult to build law governing, except for libertarianism and natural law, or fascism and absolute law, the leadership of which would be variable and arbitrary, and shake the foundations of the area to minimalism.

This atheist who was going up against tantric magic was like a stone, or a noble metal, being washed in substances that do not harm him, but which could affect someone who is open to their evil ways.

I would prefer, instead of allowing evil to ravage me to the point of death and return, to be free to build whatever I want, and for all to be free to build and be whatever they want. Will Satan build an army of creatures who are technically not alive and without free will during this period of freedom? It seems that he probably would. May we as 12 prevent that evil and dissect the goodness and love that it forms and celebrate that. Can Satan do that? He doesn't.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

We can presume that energy itself fulfills the requirements of being living things by its magnetism and perpetuation of self as a vibration and a wave. This would mean that everything is alive that has mass or a charge of any kind. As we can presume that electromagnetic fields forming helicies and double helicies in dust and space plasma are alive and certain vibrations qualify as alive, we can presume that all energy is alive for the reasons of its sustained and intelligent vibration. Its ability to communicate and our ability to perceive it in ways we find intelligible may be limited.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I also speculate that matter and anti-matter are the formation of two stable formulations from a single original energy system, and that this system is a dimensional structure.

Fate may be dimensional energy formation as polynary forms of matter becoming relatively entangled clouds.

Fate seals or approaches and 'time' passes as possibilities are solidified when opposing clouds of fate are solidified and destroy or re=enmesh one another, by field, forming new realities and new vibrations, which we call change.

for example, matter and anti-matter will form when electrons begin spinning in different directions. But polynary matter will form when energy hz causes matter to spin in 3 different directions, only one of which can be displayed in the 'foreground' or electrical probability at a time. This is multidimensionalism, which is overlapping our experiences and our realms of physics right now. Matter vibrating at frequencies irrelative to our own do not even appear on our radar, although they may produce sporadic emissions into our dimension.

This is 'the veil'. This is the interdimensional realm. Living beings reside in these realms, and can enter our world by changing their vibrational systems.

Loopy Photons and Quantum Entanglement

I believe photons entangling is the creation of a relative physical sub particle that is the local circuit of a physical law which the two photons obey.

Entanglement may be the creation of new laws of physics.

We as a world may be entangled with one another, in a way that would cause us to experience Newtonian relative forces. Notice how many other photons shot through the optical cable merely took on differing and separate axes of vibration, denoting X and Y. [X < Y]

In the entanglement, one acquires red hz, the other blue, and both interactively vibrate. They probably passed through a single point, or an 8, where they had equal relative location, or a radius of their matter that entrained to the other particle's radius, potentially, for an instant.

The internal function of the photons may have worked to either bounce off of one another and avoid their pairing, or to 'entangle' by accepting the cascading origin pairing, and share magnetic properties with one another's origins. This then maintains by a circuit or more probably a field sensitivity they attain likened to one another. Their unique hz has been affected and they are paired, like becoming the offspring of their union. The action of the one has special dynamic hz resonation with the origin of the other, causing internal forces within the photon's origin point, which is sensitive to minute levels, whereas other waves would be rejected and bounced away after having Newtonian effects, these two particles share hz, as though family, as though their DNA has been changed to be like one another, as though their unique bubbles have been joined and film sealed over and a new bubble popped from the pair.

I also believe that this principle can be used to cause matter to emit spontaneous lateral motion based on local hz frequency. You could make a functional energy to motion engine with this entanglement principle.

This is spaceflight, this is matching the aliens to a great degree in tech and ability. E to motion has been cracked.

Using what I know about mathematics and having observed magnetic shifts and dynamics in polyvariable systems, I am able to intelligently and accurately predict the action of physical particles, especially subatomic particles, without using laboratory equipment.

This is a discovery of great value.

A-shelving of all matter would work, and produce perfect circuits everywhere, but it would take a very long time I wager, and require much 'attention'. Magnetism may be circuit specialization. Specialization and work may be tangent.

This could be defeated by relativity or by a sea of patiently buoyant infrastructure.

Where did all the 9 Go?

This article says that in the early days of the universe, the universe was full of radiation and had equal parts of matter and antimatter.

This may not be so. In number theory, 8 is stability and equality, while 9 is intelligence and inequality, or leaving and failure to rejoin, [until 10, which is pairing and magnetism and local effects.]

The Old Testament God is also #8. While Satan is #9. Man was supposed to be a justice, 7, which would never leave God. But we did.

I suspect that these antimatter particles quickly take 9-routes away from the matter instead of rejoining with it and crushing themselves.

As opposed to producing 'nothing' by anti-matter and matter striking, they form a large explosion of energy, which is fantastic and A-shelf, or 100% recovery of energy.

Satan would want there to be ~nothing, or for separation to rule the world, so he becomes #9, of leaving and inequality. A real thing plus a fake thing does not equal nothing, though.

Matter and anti-matter may simply be 'fake' and 'fake'[-1] energy stabilities. Energy being the real thing present, and energy being 10.

This would display itself on a graph as a dip around 8 and a surge around 9, or the opposite, on an x-slope rising at 45*. This is caused by an inequality, possibly a horizontal line forming at the 8, a literal form place, a Tesla circuit creation, which sprays or distorts matter or energy from other Tesla style electromagnetic field circuits, really more like meteorological patterns of energy than 'circuits' as we are accustomed to, but functioning in many ways as circuits nonetheless.

This causes the astronomically magnetic tendencies we see in this local environment, local being a scale of earth, and possibly as much as several solar systems away, or possibly the entire galaxy or all of reality, but more likely a local circuit board expression of a common systemic 'global' field problem, or a result of the confluence of energy patterns from this part of the milky way galaxy or the whole galaxy, or from numerous galaxies MR [major radius], or a collection of the magnetic input of all circuits everywhere effected on us locally.

This is a cloud of electromagnetic tendency that likely contains our local laws of physics, or our local prescription for the general laws, or our method of interpreting the incoming energy sigals altogether, extrapolating more distant effects, or recovering as such from the radius of our known and visible universe, beyond which energy flow patterns that we have not yet interpreted with our local-physics lens lay.

You may recall a post I made earlier regarding a possible electron the size of about 2-3 AU. And another much earlier about the particle form of a love-field., as all fields can be condensed into particles, and it is probable that all of our laws of physics are actually electromagnetic effects or circuits forming fields.

Theoretically, this provides a conceptual theory of 'forms'.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Some say that patterns repeat themselves in scale between an atom and a solar system and a galaxy. This may be true, but the world might be arranged so that the tiny things *actually are* the enormous things, like a loop dependent on scale. Imagine if size scale is a belt rather than a V.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Spacecraft and 4mm

If you have not yet checked for relativity from this slingshot operation, involving high speeds and astronomical distance, consider the atomic clock that circled the earth 300 times and lost 1/600 of a second. If the rotation was in a plane traveling only several hundred mph and the slingshot is an operating approaching 30,000 mph, is 1/600 of a second enough to add 4mm/s?

This is a copout. There is denser physics afoot.

Also consider the comparative pressure of a hole in a rapidly moving train. It is lower because of the rushing. Temporal pressure may be lower because of this rushing in comparison as well. Even rotating energy density becomes a low pressure zone that attracts other things. This is why entrainment occurs and how we get 'le clusterfuck', or hz-activated quantum bunching.

An hz-activated event is electronically coded to have certain hz frequencies either lighter or denser than the regional average. This sequence of spectrum difference, which could be grand or slight, and will show up as a single color on many machines even if it is 10 data centers of articulation. It is like a swizzlestick with the curves varying in size, made of energy. When you pass it through a system, it will produce a special kind of whistling that farther dow2n the chain of reaction influences and condenses quantum events and other energy signatures.

The normal energy for a given area is "8". This is the environmental constant, which is actually moving very slowly, but entrains and bunches together enough to look like it is not moving locally, although pressures and 'confidences' are shifting. Articulated or hz-activated energy is a '9', which has either more or less energy on various levels of the spectrum.

The 8 literally looks like a stabilized area, with two portions measuring and cycling everywhere, locally. The 9 looks literally like an 8 with a bite out of it somewhere, or an inequality in it making the top bigger than the bottom. This is an intelligent organization, which has been done for a reason, stupid or wise, which is 'intelligence'. On a macroscale, the entire universe is actually <9, as it is dissimilar, and will serve "10", or quantum entrainment and other energetic properties that make it 100% efficient and A-scale. Can anything be 100% efficient on a local level? Maybe, and more? Forever? Probably not eternally in a single dimension.

A 12hz energy slice has several geometries overlapping. All possible geometric combinations that add up to 12 are there. Putting 8hz energy in earth's 8hz resonance field produces no loss. Similarly, 3x4hz produces no loss in a 12hz system. That hz geometry is there, waiting in activated potential, with ~100% efficiency, and could be sucked out of the 12hz at a moment's notice.

This is not an argument that inequality is intelligent, although it is proof of someone having moved the dots of infinity in the past by changing or writing the laws of nature which are little more than "Phun", and have even changed very slowly, such as the speed of light declining. That may be the work of some gross 9 resolving slowly. Solve for trillions of years. That is a very large gear.

I wager that all laws of physics are actually electronic field effects. Because they are electronic fields, they are -11's<12 which means they are cogent to a single dimension, and you can probably turn them into particles. Give me the particle that articulates the speed of light law. It is probably an electron spanning roughly from the sun to mars or jupiter with smooth or sloping relief facets that are tens of millions of miles long. This may be orbiting a proton that is light years long. It might actually be a galaxy, and the electron a solar system, or perceived charge, a black hole, or a macroscale electromagnetic field, perhaps the relief structure in the form of Hawking Radiation. Actually, considering the relief structure, saying that an electron is a black hole on the astronomical scale would be rough-consistent. This could explain the electromagnetically enhanced principles of extra gravity and physics around a black hole that could describe the exponential scale of magnetism.

Please examine the effect and composition of Hawking Radiation to see what hz spectrums come from it and what geometries it produces down the road, away from the BH.

I have discovered the way subatomic particles coil. They are gendered. The electron is female, and proton is male. They both behave along lines of similarity to the behaviors of humans with those genders. We also are electronically motivated and influenced beings, likely to produce an electronic effect or product, in a 9-environment that is resolving. After this resolution and even beforehand we are physically able to change our capacities and resolutions.

Friday, March 07, 2008

We may be watching the world through a big big lens that is our laws of physics. The world is probably just a lot of dots out there of association, and from every place we may be choosing to cohese it from our local laws of physics, which are little more than a map of everything in our local physical language.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Nanoparticle makes Electrolysis Easy

In the presence of a certain nanoparticle, electrolysis of water 85% efficient. These particles may be further enhanced by using alchemical wave functions as demonstrated by John Kanzius. Combining his methods and these reactive nanoparticles, hydrogen electrolysis may become over 95% efficient, far more efficient than gasoline.
A fuel cell scheme. Fuel cells can be made using biological enzymes to become very efficient at low temperatures.
Aluminum-Gallium fuel cell reactions enhance efficiency of fuel cell function.

Oil is all over but the crying.

I also encourage this man.

I recently wrote a long post about drilling geothermal boreholes for heat in northern citieis instead of drilling for oil. Areas in England have shown temperatures of 168*F at 1800m deep, and mines in Louisiana have shown 141*F temperatures two miles [3500m] deep. Iceland, England, and Ireland have extensive geothermal resources, and it is probable that the American Northwest and perhaps the Northeast and Rockies also have these resources.

For the southwestern and southeastern United States, and elsewhere in the world's subelt, infrared radiation antennas and rectennas have been found to deliver theoretical efficiencies of 90%, with a man from an Idaho institution producing 80% efficient nanoantennae solar systems that *also work at night*. Fantastic. Producing a power plant arranged similar to the tower in the Californian Mojave Desert which produces a force of 600 suns at 80-90% efficiency would rival some coal and nuclear power plants.

I theorized covering the roof of a car with several of these antennae, juicing it up with nanotechnology and ultracapacitor enhanced lead-acid or liion batteries, a CVTransmission, and ~96% efficient electric motors for wheels, or Thane Heins' new illogical induction engine. That car would charge overnight and while driving, and likely be sufficient to convey passengers seamlessly except on very long treks. The new nanotechnology enhanced battery systems promise 10x the energy density of traditional liion batteries, recognized as around 1500-2000Ah/kg.

And check out this latest piece of science on reflective panels of solar arrangements. We will crush you, oil.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Psychohistory and Temporal Mechanics

In 2007 NASA scientists found that certain kinds of electromagnetic fields and dust may fulfill the requirements of being called 'alive'.

Recently the Russian Acaddemy of Sciences, the Max Planck Institute, and the University of Sydney have discovered that electromagnetic fields form helixes and double-helixes in plasma from space dust.

Furthermore it has been found on earth that DNA particles attract to one another 'by telepathy', and can recognize one another and pairs from long distances without explanation.

I understand that this is caused by Tesla circuitry. Cellular phones can be charged by this process. This electromagnetic field contains a powerful and useful charge. It can be used to magnetize chemical components and areas to pull physical DNA together into desired forms. This kind of field effect can trade amperage between species and most likely intersects every biological life form on earth, and if electromagnetic fields themselves are alive, each aphysical electromagnetic life form on earth.

Scientists have moved subatomic particles briefly through time. This is a proof of concept of dimensional or temporal progression being permeable. This permeable jello we are continually squeezing through conducts our circuitry through timespace. Different events or time-sensitive circuitry can have different levels of probability, or different levels of electrical resistance measurable in amperage. It is probable that forces will cause the path of least electrical resistance and probability to be taken unless acted upon by forces.

The BBC produced an article saying that astronauts taking bacteria into space, away from the earth's bioelectrical field, found that it mutated more quickly and became more deadly as a disease. I believe this is because the bacteria was attempting to restore the DNA Tesla circuit to sustainability or completion, which is probably the electrical minimum or resting point of each living biological field, considering its resources, electrical environment, and probable temporal pathways.

Studying this and surrounding conditions, we can know how much electrical force it will take to produce an atom, life form, or condition at a certain time and space or duration of time and spaces, and the probability of that condition being met at rest and with input.

This is nothing short of divination and as those who practice it are referered to in Cyberpunk novels, 'psychohistorianism'. When it involves biological or living systems, a new term is needed. What would you call it?

This has been reposted at my new second home at

The interior of an atom

The interior of an atom is not empty, as this text states. It is full of tiny very low amperage tesla circuit pathways. These airborne wireless energy exchanges may steer the atom through 'wonder' like a rudder and guide its interactions. Also inside the atom are the reverberations of the electrons' 'wobbles', which are irregularities in their orbit storing up charge like a Tesla battery. Some modern cell phone chargers use this electrical field technology.

So the inside of an atom is not empty. It is a very busy electromagnetic field that is invisible or unstable to the naked eye. The electron is the tiny stable portion of the field. The field itself may be equal in string potential to the proton, and guided or headed by the electron, which would be an inverse cave of the electrical functions of the surrounding field, responsible for organizing the qunatum events that occur every second.

The electron itself may be an amazingly dense piece of data by omission. A 'wing' if you will, with infinite tiny flaps, a fractal stemming inward to the edge of data.

It looks like a fingerprint on the video recording, the first time an electron was ever caught on video.

The relativity between a human neurological circuit and the organizing properties of a quantum electron field and its role in magnetizing stable visible reality may be more interesting that we know.

Friday, February 22, 2008

BILLY BUNKIE THE SCIENCE JUNKIE has been picked up as a Red Hot Blog of the Day at

See the writeup here:

Watch my Science Junkie Videos at

RedOrbit is a science page. Their latest post regarding the satellite shootdown is a good read. American military forces shot down a satellite using a missile recently, deepening an era of space combat first publicized by the Chinese when they blinded American satellites with lasers. Arguably those satellites could be shot down with lasers as well, even better than with missiles, which can also be shot down with lasers.

See, another one of my awesome blogs, for more on America's and the world's military positions. Also visit and my special blog for a big hit of truth about those forces!

Try my very popular OkCupid test: The Will I Survive the Future Test! It was rated #6 out of around 35,000 tests one day. So far, around 2000 people have taken the test! They also have a fantastic dating algorithm and have turned out a fine website. Kudos to those Harvard grads. Rage Against the Machine is also composed of Harvardites. In la Belge they might call them 'Harvoords'.

The Science of Sydney

The University of Sydney, famous for partciipating in the 'telepathic' DNA attraction with the Russian Academy of Sciences and more importantly the Max Planck Institute, has produced new research showing that the Milky Way Galaxy is twice as large as we first suspected. The 100,000 light year wide disc known as the Milky Way was once thought to be 6,000 light years thick. But simple internet browsing and number crunching by University of Sydney scholar and astrophysicist Bryan Gaensler led a team producing these findings.

"It took just a couple of hours using data available on the internet for University of Sydney scientists to discover that the Milky Way is twice as wide as previously thought."

Science is easier than we think. Scholastic institutions are formal clubs that place their stamp of approval on students to be passed on to corporate institutions. But these institutions' curriculum is often dated, inappropriately broad, even within one course, and too infrequently dissatisfies students' curiosity.

The diplomas of approval frequently guage a student's ability to memorize or study, especially against their topic of interest. Inability to decide a major and select classes is epidemic among students, and shows how ineffective schools are at providing for students' curiosity or scholastic demands. Corporate institutions want the same, however, and most infrequently choose bright minds full of satisfied and growing curiosity. Fewer of these minds reach the end of Ph.D programs.

Market and scientific competititon is too tight. Curiosity and fulfilling it is more important than rote corporate production or the fiscal sponsorship decisions of corporate megabankers who can outcompete small businesses or defeat the market share of the startups from curious graduated minds.

We owe as much scientific nobility to freelance scientists from outside the institutions as we do to Harvard or Yale scientists, and the overlap is tremendous. Thane Heins, Stanley Meyer, John Kanzius, Randall Munroe, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, pocket mathematicians everywhere, open source computer coders, kids from MIT, the nerds, the truthers, New Media and the web journalists, myself, and everyone who has a love of the world and life.

Randall Munroe supports Barack Obama, but Barack Obama is not the candidate many believe him to be. He is a next generation neoconservative who is providing all the platforms they can live without, but withholding all the points that they need for power. Even marijuana decriminalization. But they keep all the corporate money, and produce even more with their unfundable and solutionless healthcare plans that will add to our budget.

Our economy is in shambles and our nation's Constitution still full of holes. Barack Obama is not the restoration we need. He is a time out from the rink, only to continue later. We must eject these players from the game.

Where is the budget plan to eliminate the Federal Reserve and change the IRS? It is gone, replaced by bigger-government healthcare programs, while the Constitutional review of Congress' purse has been swept off the table. The Federal Reserve Banks must be removed from power. Their media is producing attention to Obama and his attractive but empty statements that will not change their ways.

Reviewing healthcare companies in the private sector and building stronger competititon to keep their prices down is the key. Pharmaceutical companies spend $2 on advertising for every $1 of research. Institution tuitions are still moving up at runaway levels. Insurance quotes are rising quickly, and have approached $12,000 annually for a family. New healthcare systems will not come from throwing more money at them from the state without examining market accountability.

The depression we are on the brink of could topple America, and the world's economy. George Bush's neocons and David Rockefeller's bankers planned this. Ron Paul would stop it and restore us to a nation of peace. Others will not.

George Washington's Speech in Plain English

The Woodward Effect roughly is stealing momentum from the future, which is possible, and then also it is possible to guide us to a different dimensional frequency than the pathway created, most efficiently so if the dimension is from outside the vibrational similarity of the entrainment principle. However, this leaves a considerable amount of dimensional waste which is physically unecological. Gray aliens type:[- --] allegedly perform this kind of world-trashing. Mankind should not. We can use superstring theory to produce this force instead. Furthermore, these are not 'reactionless' events. The reaction is in another dimensions. And the superstring effects are not reactionary, they rely on wonder, which is infinite and boundless, relying only on dimensional cohesivity and stabilization to produce their energy, which comes from stable energetic alternation like a well balanced wheel. This, too, can be overcome by building intelligent dimensional ordering and Tesla-electrical field circuit engineering systems of the very atomic stabilities that form our world. Using dimensional stabilization and cohesion, polydimensional space can be made where dimensions inte4ract with one another basically in a limitless mandelbrot or other infinite shape. However, this is like rolling over your debt forever with bonds. You will someday be crushed, or forced to intelligently abandon or smash the dimensions back into equality. Dampering them could produce this without harming your system, but that is like defaulting on debts, and destroys intelligent energy data, which is to be conserved. It is as good as "hello". Do not crush "hello".

Thane Heins' electrical induction machine may function by producing a mobius strip of an electrical field, or a field circuit with a full twist. This would produce two cycles of energy per twist, and could form an atrtactive low-pressure zone of energy, basically, an electrical tornado of moving energy which attracts more of itself, and stores it in kinetic energy through the induction engine.

Chew on that, MIT, Harvard, Yale, NASA, the Max Planck Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Bilderburg Group, and even you, University of Sydney. Even you.


Monday, February 11, 2008

If you put a geothermal borehole in the city of Boston, you could heat the entire city without petroleum or nuclear power.

This plan is on my itinerary to begin if I am elected senator in Middlesex Massachusetts in 2008.

If we had a geothermal borehole in Boston we could also open electrically engined airports, or "VLEV / no emissions airports. The power source would exist to waste that much energy on quiet safe clean electrical flight. We would make billions of dollars and start new industries.

We should begin no-and low-emissions airlines.

Saturday, February 09, 2008


This man has produced an interesting machine.

Shortly after I produced an essay on the integration of free energy and sent it to numerous individuals, these articles began appearing in the Toronto Star.

More to follow.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My field explodes

"New discoveries about magnetic field lines and the first-ever direct observation of their reconnection in space are offering hope that scientists will learn how to unlock fusion power as an energy source in the future.

"The reconnection processes in the [Earth's] magnetosphere and in fusion devices are the same animal," said James Drake, a University of Maryland physicist.

Space contains magnetic fields that direct the flow of plasma, an energetic fourth state of matter consisting of positive ions and electrons. The plasma particles normally follow the paths of the magnetic field lines like streams of cars following highways.

Magnetic reconnection can release that stored energy when two magnetic field lines bend towards each other and fuse to create new field lines. The effect is not unlike an earthquake forcibly realigning parallel highways into perpendicular routes and channeling cars along the newly created paths. Although some released plasma energy travels in a straight line — called a super-Alfvenic electron jet — other plasma particles fan out as though escaping the opening of a trumpet."

Staff Writer Jeremy Hsu

DNA coils arrange 'telepathically' or as 'impossible'. "Current explanation: none."

This is performed by Tesla circuits. The electromagetic fields of DNA are very sensitive and attract to one another along large and complex routes of evolutionary species tesla /wireless circuits. These circuits can have millions of amperes of energy collected amongst them in the fields of billions of life forms around the whole earth, and the organization of these nucleotides produces a feedback loop within the Tesla field matrix to make them cling with stronger and magnetism seemingly 'from nowhere'.

I suspect that this dark matter that is proposed based on the escape velocity of stars from galaxies causing them to remain when they probably should fly away is related to tesla electronics.

The equation of love has much to do with human fertility and fitness, evolution, quantum circuitry through time proving potential resources and success, niches, and other factors.

Love is a Tesla field circuit as described above.

The Tesla circuit produces a low pressure energy zone within the world-circuit, focused between the two creatures to be in love, making a magnetic pull zone. This magnetism pulls the DNA together through your skin and bodies, attracting you to one another. The ohms of resistance in the circuit will be analyzed by a large feedback loop based on the complex interactivity of electromagnetic fields. The fine mechanics of field interactivity are described by universal number theory, amperage math, and superstring theory. The rough mechanics of this evolutionary process are organizing the density of electromagnetic events and lifeforms to be the highest possible for the planet. This is monitored over time, as Tesla circuits can chart the ohmage of its own circuitry in the future, ad move through those future electrical probabilities. The double-slit experiment and Schroedinger's cat can help here. All it seems to do is look for building the highest charge.

This process involves the creation of numerous life forms to shuffle proteins around in a loop and organize them in more conductive ways.

The positive organization happens in many cases, but can also push species or individuals *out* of the circuit, by attracting them to fitness or fertility reducing activities and events or even preferences and habits.

This is what causes our 'love' to form from field. Beyond that point it is latched together by physical and chemical distinctions such as visual and social recognition, memory, body chemistry and other factors.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I have worked extensively on electromagnetics, from my studies in subatomics to astronomical field condensations and dynamics to area magnetics and field origin, field vibration, the quantum uncertainties and ringing of electrons and its affect on local amperage and vibration, the origin of magnetic fields, and alchemy.

You can see hundreds of my posts on these topics at Billy Bunkie the Science Junkie and its associated blogs. I have also placed a compact version of my modern notes at SOEMP.

More recently I have been working on the spontaneous formation of helixes and double hexlices in large astronomical fields and the function of energy field condensations within their cycles. The Max Planck institute, a Russian Academy of Sciences, and the University of Sydney presented these findings in 2007.

I believe that in the same way electromagnetic particles can be condensed, so can fields. Since fields are naturally unobserved and can be found at the macroscopic/area level it may be far easier to produce their entanglements. They also have much to do with electron ringing and quantum uncertainty, which is easily modifiable, even without substantial equipment,although the effect is generally by field as well, rather than directly observable. A crossover or a a 0=1 manipulation of production could probably turn those fields into solid fruits. I am reminded of the phase change.

They say this dusting occurs in plasma, which means it has a latency or tendency to form in other phases, as the plasma is a medium of the originating organization. This may be similar to the key-gen system or admin password for physics.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Check out this man's excellent resonance system!

Inventor and saxophone player Peter Davey has come up with a device that he claims boils water in no time.

He calls it the "sonic boiler" because he claims it uses the power of sound. How the heater actually works has confounded experts.

The device looks oddly like a bent desk lamp, with a metallic ball at the end instead of a lightbulb. When plugged into the power supply, and the ball is lowered into water, it boils the liquid within seconds -- even as little as a tablespoonful.

"Everybody boils twice the amount of water they need so I decided I would find a way to boil water and make steam more economically," said Davey, a former Spitfire pilot.

"This boils exactly what you want to drink."

Davey, who lives in a tumbledown two-storey historic homestead called Locksley in Dallington, has been using the boiler to make hot drinks for 30 years.

He said he first came up with the concept 50 years ago and it took him half of those years to figure out how to make the device.

"The principle is beautiful. I have cashed in on a natural phenomenon and it's all about music," he said.

"If I hadn't been playing the saxophone, I probably wouldn't have come up with the idea."

Davey noticed as he played the saxophone at home that everything resonated at a different frequency.

"The glasses will tinkle on one note. Knives and forks in the drawer will tinkle on another note and I realised that everything has its point of vibration," he said. "In the same way, a component in the ball is tuned to a certain frequency."


Everything has a resonation.


This stuff really is horrific. Don't do it.

You may be interested in the science and electrical field dynamics of DNA molecules arranging themselves by 'telepathy'. The telepathy is actually potential microelectromagnetic field interactions subtly organizing themselves based on hairs' breadth of an ampere caused by environmental changes derived literally from the focus of conscious attention from living electromagnetic fields discovered in 2007 by NASA. The triangulation of resistance patterns of these wireless/Tesla circuits shifting subtly and attracting and snaking their probable pathways through quantum time makes the course of the world we experience.

Florida biochemist designs tree that produces THC oranges.

Yeast Engineered with Equivalent Lifespan of 800 years.

Fruit of the Tree of Life.

This is literally one step away from the fruit of the tree of life.

I demand that you build it.

Monday, January 28, 2008

It may be possible to overcome the quantum question of knowing an electron's power versus position by using the entrainment principle. However, the electron itself is a moot point because there are smaller organizations. But roughly as it goes, you can know both the position to a degree of certainty and the power level of an electron if you know numerous elements slighter than it in scale. This is useful for atomics, but remains pinned as an unreachable infinity of size.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Correspondance to The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, NICHD

"DNA molecules can display what almost seems like telepathy, research now reveals.

Double helixes of DNA can recognize matching molecules from a distance and then gather together, all seemingly without help from any other molecules, scientists find. Previously, under the classic understanding of DNA, scientists had no reason to suspect that double helixes of the molecule could sort themselves by type, let alone seek each other out."

Double-stranded DNA with identical sequences each result in corkscrews "whose ridges and grooves match up," said researcher Sergey Leikin, a physical biochemist at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in Bethesda, Md. [NICHD]

"Leikin and his colleagues will detail their findings in the Jan. 31 issue of the Journal of Physical Chemistry B."

This is something that I have been documenting extensively for years.

These molecules and other living arrangements measure the area magnetic force and Tesla circuitry of potential pathways and the interactions of em fields.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Alchemical Electron Productivity

The transmission of lead into gold is a potential alchemical reaction that is as possible as changing plastic into oil, or water into HHO.

Gold, being the #79 element, lead being #80, have unique atomic hz resonations, which are measurable as very, very low amperage wave functions emitted from the regional atomic stability of the atom, which is an evenly formed stable electrical field with numerous magnetic chunks stably orbiting in rotation so that no foreign particles can immediately leave or enter without negotiating the existing resonations and cyclical maths regional to portions of the atom.

Arguably, the entire atom's magnetism could be crushed if it were not evenly distributed within the atom, causing the simple destruction of the atomic formation, but this would be immediately less useful than the atom in most scenarios. Perhaps the magnetism could be destabilized to release as electrons and radiation heat.

Heat appears to be the radical radiation of tiny particles released from an atom. Basically, vibrating dust, which could potentially be assembled back into atoms by a machine with sufficient precision to gather the ambient particles and assemble them into suitable stabilities.

Gold could potentially be afflicted with an entraining resonation wave, sufficient to harass it into the lead's natural vibrational frequency that occurs as a result of the lead's normal stabilities, causing the gold's internal vibration to distort to the lead's signature vibration. This distortion would change the gold particle's magnetic properties organized by its internal portions. This magnetism could theoretically either magnetically attract electrons and protons from other regional atoms, or cause such particles to form from ambient heat/dust particles nearby,causing the gold to be alchemically changed into lead.

In this condition, the gold particle itself could be turned into a device used to take ambient heat and turn it into electrons.

A oscillating wave frequency could be used on a particle of gold to turn it into lead, ideally not lead by proton formation, but an ionized gold particle at -1, which has a unique vibration distinct from a true lead particle with the additional proton. This shift would attract particles from the ambient to form the additional electron.

The second phase of the oscillating wave would be to strip the gold -particle of the extra electron, which would then be attracted down a gold or copper wire to a production machine. In this way, an efficient oscillating wave could harass gold particles to produce electricity from 'nothing'.

I win.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A black hole occurs when two particles begin a feedback loop of waves that dissonate all distance between the two particles. The two particles collapse into one another, but no force causes them to fuse into one particle. The space between them becomes infinitely smaller and smaller, and they begin orbiting around one another faster and faster as they draw closer. This spinning of superconductive atoms causes increasing gravity.

This may form a chain reaction of particles adding themselves to this original seed reaction.

Friday, January 11, 2008

I wager that my #t can work to let scientist/engineers recognize and search for probable physical solutions to problems working within the invisible framework of engineering and chemistry to produce results.

I will be reducing my posting here unless I find a partner group to work with on these projects.

All of this science and my continued track record of excellent sustained scientific production, can be at your fingertips to accomplish good goals for the price of taking care of and advising one William Bunker.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

This is how time travel works.

Time is about orchestration.

You take the internal dissonance elimination wave which causes two particles to join and spin around one another at varying speeds, never approaching "0.0...0" by area magnetics and theory of infinite smallness.

You have two black holes. Compare their spins.

Link your hz geometrically to one black hole, and the other to the universe. Adjust one's spin.

You will time travel.

I win. Fuck you G-Men. Come get my $.