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Monday, August 20, 2007

Matter is the end of an unstable cascade.

The original state is wonder. Within this wonder, stabilities form, causing the visible world that we experience. Everything solid and continually so is a quantum equality formed between now and the future or past, approaching as arranged and sustained equal matematical cascades, forming a chain link / string of pearls.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Matter Creates Time, Gravity

The title article confirms that scientists have found that particles create a gravity-field. This could be in a very tight microenergetic hz frequency smaller than the period of the average intracellular component. Similarly, time would be an even tighter hz frequency, the vibration of reality, if you will. Known in #T to be along the "10", and to vibrate or resonate with the fabric of existance. Cosmic oil, if you will again.

A spinning superconductor is capable of producing a powerful gravitomagnetic field. This is earth, btw. And the sun. And an atom. If I wanted to build a flying ship that used its own gravity, I'd run a trio of water e- powered superconducting dynamos to spin it at whatever speed I desired to produce gravity sufficient to move the ship in that direction. It'd have to account for other similar ships nearby with its navigational systems. I imagine such intensely dense gravity field forces would taper off shortly.

I also imagine that this would be a good way to encourage particles to travel through time using relativity.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Interdimensionality is when a potential 0 is fertilized by a 1, forming a "[.]". This starts a procedure that emanates, updating, which is perceived by the experiencer, causing a valid "2". This is achieved through string theory. All "true" [12v] strings and strung 0's interlock to form the one vibration of reality. Reality being the 1 looped in a circle causing a '10', each [.] being an amperage [11] of the signal, and the entire set working together to form 12.

We're experiencing a lot of very unsavory -[.] right now. Everything that is not 'truly wonderful' is frankly a "-[.]" . It is reality mixed in with nothingness, or the will to nothing, or a portion of a different dimension untrue to the good world God has created.