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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Our brains may send ourselves subliminal messages from inside our nervous system. These may have a great extent of functionality in our psychosomatic response systems.

A subliminal message may operate by activating a portion of the brain that sends approval messages by electrical wave frequency which triggers functions in cells. This also may be the way all of our nervous system signals work.

These signals would remain circulating in cell or nerve networks in the PNS [peripheral nervous system] and body or act as 'mods' waiting to be actively triggered by stimuli. This may also accumulate into our social function and personalities, and could be dictated by the pro-drugs put into cells from strands of DNA, giving us propensity to alcohol or nervous signals tied to the chemical.

This is how our body 'appreciates' chemical experiences aside from their direct chemical function.

We may be able to store these electrical code segments to be released upon a trigger inside electronics or other machinery. As it stands, our brain sews them together and houses them in neurons to be triggered, likely in easily-chemically altered 'RAM' that is stored in the cells to remember a kind of electrical signal sent, and to know when to respond with it's release or another function.

Viruses likely take extensive advantage of this electrical system.

Friday, December 28, 2007

I plan to engineer a family of drugs to make the user unaddicted to tobacco, alcohol, cocaine, caffeine, or any other chemical addiction. Addiction bends a molecule pathway to a slightly different shape, which requires the non-bodily input from the chemical source. Making a drug to bend or train the shape back into place from the interior or exterior should be possible. Full restoration may require charged molecules.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I suspect Mothman and other quantum beasts and humans operate in a certain manner. The origin of any quantum pair emits a special kind of radiation, guided by the condensations and lenses around it. This origin and its lenses [11] harass electrons in special ways. This disrupts the orbits of the electrons. Like how a photon is emitted when an electron is elevated and then falls, electrons will gather spare vibration that resonates with them [spare math, basically] until the electron is pulled all the way up to the next shell, and when it falls, especially several electrons in a field at once, it produces a cohesive magnetized event.

This is what we call reality. It is a trading of energy signal maths among stabilities. We can only see the events happening because they are being refracted through condensations. A disaster about to happen is invisible until it happens, but the regional and distant entangled electron orbit stability may be measurable and the kind of event that would be a key for that keyhole predicted.

This may be how reincarnation is selected. We are keys sent into the world to open locks. Differing kinds of events, based on their emotive energetic properties, have different energy patterns.

Grammar appears to counter or leak scientific energy collected in an area. When energy of a certain mathematical stability collects in an area, amazing things will condensate, especially on existing dewpoints.

This is psychohistory.

These events should not need to occur around quantum dewpoints. "Miracles" could be considered the field quantum version of alchemical reactions. Undefined particles reacting in undefined ways.

Satan is an undefined particle. Our spirit bodies are undefined particles.

I am going to prepare a logical argument of this.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


A black hole is formed when some force dissonates with the 11 standing between two particles. There is no veil between them, but they are not 12'd together in any way at all. They remain separate entirely but become ~infinitely close. This produces a great deal of magnetic disruption which is basically passed on to others behind them in a +-ing. What sort of magnetic force would result from two magnets becoming infinitely close, to within their atoms likely, but never fusing? The magnetic equivalent is passed on through to make them spin, and as rotating superconductors make gravity. This gravity becomes on-infinite, but of course not infinite. All things are measurable.

This is not fusion. It is fusion minus joining. That joining is *impossible* to produce with 12.

If it did fuse, it would be the action of a '12'. 11 can never cause fusion. It is merely separation x0, and unity is something additional to nothing. 0!=1. .9999... will never equal 1, although it sucks a lot. Fool.

Seriously, it's the dumbest mathematical waste of time ever conceived of, by amperage. Hold two magnets close. Closer. Closer still. The attractive force becomes greater. You can't call 11+1-x [where x>0] 12. The attractive force becomes geometrically infinitely greater when you approach infinitely close. [i^2 x i].

This is how a black hole works, and how to fail at fusion, basically wasting the maximum possible energy to attempt fusion.

Mankind will fail if they continue to pursue this pathway. Physicists, do not cause this to happen on earth. I'd not like that.

If you produce such a black hole on earth, you will all perish. No flesh would survive.

Fusion is the way to go. Just use the string theory and give up on this silly nonsense. I hate to send emergency letters to CERN or another physics lab, but this is a problem.

Monday, December 24, 2007

A black hole seems to have a singularity at the center. This is not fusion. It is most likely two particles pushed together with such great force that they have become entangled and are infinitely cascading towards one another into infinitesimality, with differing bh mass levels depending on the size of the original particles, progression of spin, local debris, and lifespan.

Sources say black holes emit a radiation over time and will burn out over 60 billion years.

The distance between these two particles is incredibly small and their orbit around one another becomes increasingly tight and low radius into this infinity, never actually reaching infinity. However, this spinning superconductor and the whirling particles around it produce a gross amount of gravity as the spiral continues. They probably lose radiation from inefficiencies in their curve spin and are fed as em by the surrounding particles, which could potentially be crushed and electrically drained into the original spinning pair. Electromagnetic data from before their introduction remains beneath or through the infinitesimal spin of the original particles as they are emitted as radiation is quantum-possible.

This is not fusion, but is the attempt at fusion without a 12. Fusion by 11-association, or relativity, which never actually fuse. [This is satan's loveless attempt at forming fusion, which is the key to life.] God's fusion, the sun, works by flooding a place with potential, as radiation/heat is a string of energy and information. Assembling all energy there produces the new love.

Mankind's intelligent fusion will be real and efficient love. A race that has ascended to heaven as the gods to be with God has reached fusion and constructed their own energy formation, ruling the universe and helping build its ways.

When we have the infrastructure and capabilities to perform fusion we will join God, and be judged by him and the angels.

Producing this energy will make a social 'heliosphere' and will keep out disgusting spirits and people. We will no longer need to be part of the black hole energy cycle that loops from sun [12] to [-11], ourselves somewhere inbetween that massive energy circuit, googles of amperes wide and spanning billions of years.

The double split [2P] experiment is the onset of fusion. If we as a society master fusion we will be able to do so many amazing and wonderful things and leave all of our problems.

The fusion source of the sun produces the heliosphere, which protects us from solar chaos. I would like measurements of radiation from superhelio satellites. That radiation data could yield very good information about the composition of the universe. Just as satellite telescopes are cleaner than terrestrial ones, so are superhelio radio telescopes better than helioriffic ones.

Fusion > $.

We should be able to incorporate alchemy into the molecular process of fusing protons.

8 we shall assume is the proton. This could change. The shape of a proton may be an 8, balling in all directions at once. That would be very nifty and also probable. The electron is doing the same, but [-1], or inverted.

If we can measure the string setup and deviation pattern of a proton we should be able to predict them and seamlessly string them together onto the same cord. Once they are on the same cord, the protons will make a proton[2], which will be a 16, which will have such freakish power to review *anything*. It will emit as a very high number of inverted protons, or possibly intelligent particles or fields, [converse to fission] and resolve itself to the normal proton stability [14] which serves the intentional atomic justice [17].

We should be able to guide this process by aiming direct frequency energy waves through the 'heliosphere' of an atom by predicting its electromagnetic field emissions to affect the subatomic particle photon inside the atom. By 'tipping' the stripped hydrogen proton with a photon perhaps, or maybe a neutron that has been specially prepared to have a certain hz relative to the proton using a pro-atom, or a special hz em field, we can unwrap the two protons and put them in the same area.

We can also study how a proton forms from strings. If we can get the string shape of a proton knot/terminal stability we can find the 11-time frequency that makes the string bunch up that way, like the iron filings do on the sound board, and then intersect the two protons. If we put a field of that proton 'juice' around the noble protons we can do anything else to it if we keep the hz a geometric figure involving that juice#. The proton [8] plus 'unravel proton' [8][-14] = -112hz, '-' being either reverse polarity or an absolute value, then end 'unravel proton' [8 'hz'] should give us fusion, and a single proton shedding.

That is 2 protons, 1 hole.

The diametric opposite of 2 girls 1 cup, which is shameful and disgusting. This is wonderful and fantastic. Instead of eating sh!t you will be eating hydrogen-cooked organic russet potatos grown in siberia. Timely.

[Time [11] is merely coincidence of existence. See above or at about # sacks.]

Also, sorry about boasting about fusion. That probably gave us the video in the past instead of something nice in the future. However, I encourage the quantum effective spirits to use intelligence.

Now that they may know, we will have something even more wonderful in the future! Hooray. 12 up.


ps now that we could have fusion, we should begin something new. Like preparing for the freakish and fantastic libertarian system that will follow when men no longer need one another and rely on their love instead of the stalinist soviet organization methods copied into capitalism x the globe.

I am also working on artificial genesis, which requires electrical engineering or fusion, and a place for God in our minds and lives. To be functional truly it will require an acceptable bioelectrical tesla circuit framework.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

5th Closest Star Discovered in 2007

I am honestly disappointed in this achievement. It displays a lack of awareness of our local region. We can develop our electromagnetic signature detection abilities to our human benefit. We can track a cell phone call on Jupiter. We can hear a star that is only 7 light years away.

Let's work on electromagnetically mapping or triangulating the environment of our solar system and the area among several light years away. We can do this by setting up a few em sensitivity stations on earth, Mars, and Jupiter, or as close as SF/Boston or Fiji, and comparing their em data. This should quickly bring into focus all local objects, then all objects on earth, around and inside earth, and into space.

We can also do this with individual humans. It's a worthwhile em study, and can capture most everything except for darkfield unobserved events.

We might be able to triangulate events in our solar system if we analyze Voyager II's information about our heliosphere in relation to our sun. I'd also like to set up a series of about 5 or 7 or 12 satellites to orbit at our heliosphere and give us informational data about it and our ss. They could potentially be there by the 2020's, eh? Start them up. If we find a good engine replacement soon we could have them there faster.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

String Theory By Field

It seems that a string is a path of entanglement, or possibly a copy or reflection of a portion of the original particle, making the patternous effects we see in physics and reality, a calendrical system.

This path of entanglement is a tesla field circuit, regardless of scale. a selected electrical pathway among a field, which could be only so slightly emphasized among the electrical charge present in the field. voluntary shroedinger's conductivity differences.

imagine a perfect sphere, with one electron placed at the center. the electron will choose to go to the outer portion of the sphere, but what path will it take? Is the material surrounding it infinitely equal? Like the slot experiment below, it cannot be known if the material is unless it is examined.

This is basically how quantums are made, and attention set on one part of the sphere changes its conductivity slightly, but significantly. This creates what seem to be organized strings in an otherwise impasseable or random world, the attention of God, or other living electromagnetic fields.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Open Letter to Dr Marc Kastner, MIT

Hello Dr Kastner! I am a private researcher in the study of electrical fields and their composition in relation to the organization of atomic shells and nuclei. I studied resonation of atomic vibration and their reactivity to entraining or harassing electromagnetic waves and fields. This study which I privately spearheaded led other researchers to master alchemical wave reactions in early 2007.

I am interested in your position on the possibility of electrons being the condensation or stabilization of an electrical or quantum/potentiality field.

I theorize that electrons and other atomic energies are symptomatic particle condensations forming from electrical or quantum fields of possibility. An electrical circuit can be measured along wire, but an electrical field is found around it. Similarly, I believe electrons and other subatomic particles are condensations or stabilizing loops of certain kinds of fields relating to string theory. These field effects or 'unwound' strings occurring or progressing more rapidly and with less patternous movement than is easily detectable by our machines. An electron, then, would be a string winding around a terminally attractive condensation point in opposition with a proton, itself a series of terminal condensations.

If we can adjust the ways these strings condense we may be able to tie and untie matter from strings, defeating the law of conservation of matter, but preserving and underscoring a new law relating to an underlying field effect or environment of strings which under the right conditions can 'teleport' particles down the rope or downfield.

This would make the conventional laws of physics basically the self-friction of the string while it maintains its stable looping patterns. Different looping patterns will doubtless require different quantities of resistance to glide along the aphysical or profileless stem string connecting them to the field.

Profileless or aphysical strings would be the background of any field of existence, and formulate an unwound but charged and uniformly resonating field.

Alchemical reactions would be field vibrational effects presented to the string loops of stable matter as detected by CERN in August 2006, noting the string shape of the muon, and causing the loops to change their terminal stabilities into a new energy formation.

This effect has been demonstrated by John Kanzius changing HOH into HHO using RF at this link in summer 2007. Link

It also likely was demonstrated by Stanley Meyer through a direct charge in the 1990's, while John Kanzius' effect uses waves instead of direct e- signal. Other companies have prospered in using microwaves to change plastic back into oil, adjusting the molecular bonds.

It may be possible to use e-, wave, or special intratomic wave frequencies or a pro-generation of these frequencies in special chemical or atomic arrangements to dissonate an electron or other subatomic components into strings, or to condense one from the field, or to string or destring an entire atom or molecule.

Transporting them through space by field rather than signal may be another benefit of this theory. A component of stabilized material must glide along the string whole, the intrastring attraction limiting its motion, while sending the information by field down the string as a wave could maintain all data and also reformulate the wave into particles at the destination, possibly without any friction and nonexistent or lax physical law.

Furthermore, this is quite probably what happens to create heat, as an ambient string wave level produced from glide friction by motion, and could allow this heat loss to be recaptured, or bypassed in special arrangements. 100% efficiency may actually be possible. The universe might not eventually degrade into an uncondensed ball of heat.

Would you be interested in developing experiments along these lines?

Dr William Bunker


Research Interests

Professor Kastner's group is studying the motion of electrons in nanometer-size semiconductor structures and in transition-metal oxides. These are systems in which the motion of electrons is highly correlated. In simple metals and semiconductors, like Aluminum and Silicon, each electron moves as though it were independent of all the others. The Coulomb interactions of the other electrons creates an average potential that changes things like the electron's effective mass, but for the most part, a single-electron picture is adequate. In the oxides of transition metals, this single-particle model breaks down. The electrons are highly localized in the atomic orbitals of the transition metal ions and, as a result, the motion of each electron strongly affects the motion of others. This results in unusual magnetic and electronic properties. In the case of the transition metal oxides, this localization takes place naturally. However, in the past few decades, the techniques developed for the electronics industry have allowed us to create artificially localized electrons, which also display strong correlations. One example is the single electron transistor. This is a device in which electrostatic fields confine electrons to a small region of space inside a semiconductor. The confinement causes the number of electrons in the small region to be quantized, and other effects of strong correlations, such as the Kondo effect, can be observed. While one confined droplet of electrons can be studied in a single electron transistor, it is also interesting to study arrays of confined regions. Kastner's group is doing this in collaboration with Prof. Moungi Bawendi's Group of the MIT Department of Chemistry. In this case, the system consists of arrays of identical nano-crystals grown by a colloidal chemistry technique.

Open Email to Hazel Sive, MIT Dean

Embryo Organization

Hello! I am a private researcher. I have mental electrosensitivity, a
condition of being able to detect the presence of electromagnetic
fields. British studies say 3% of society has this condition. For
example, cell phones and power lines are intense events. Emotional
fields and brainwaves from others are interesting. NASA has recently
discovered that some dust and some electromagnetic fields are alive.

I have recommended research in biological systems, which you have
published on as well.

Each human has a unique bio-electromagnetic field, which is produced
largely from the circuitous electrochemical and field pathways in their
body. These circuits can be intracellular systems containing picoamperes
of energy, but they exist and their combined circuitry forms a bioem

When two sex cells meet they form a unique new bioem field. This bioem
field is distinct from the parent and recognizes its hz frequency and
unique field strength and type of chemical resistance or nuance to the
cell structure. DNA could be considered an em song played when the DNA
is electrified. Each codon produces a predictable resistance, and a
'song' is a blend and sequence of 4 notes that gives instructions by
field to the body. Some other parts make proteins. These proteins work
to build signal routes through the body to maintain and enhance
electrical charge.

The embryo is also charged like a cell phone in the mother's womb. We
may be able to use this technology to enhance premature birth care.

Independent organs also self-recognize ina field electrical and
circuitous manner, and place themselves inside the developing embryo and
maintain themselves inside an adult with the aid of this composition,
which is likely enchained in the DNA, which is resonated by all dividing
DNA and to a lesser extent by coiled DNA. This is a resonant base
signature which entrains out extraneous biological irregularities, also
likely refining the DNA.

This process, being by field, is also interhuman and interspecies,
forming an ecosystem and species grouping. It is probable that species
co-evolve and are sympathetic to the regional electromagnetic
resononance of other species.

This is especially interesting when examined in space. Studies have
shown that microorganisms enhance their mutation and become more deadly
in space with astronauts near. While outside of the earth's major
electrical radius, the bacteria's electrical signatures have no
electrically identifiable ambient partners with which to form a stable
biological set, as they do on earth, except the astronauts. Their
bioelectrical genetic systems, seeking to reform this circuit network,
change themselves rapidly and interactively with the nearby human
systems. They may be trying to produce a complete electrical field
circuit system, and actively evolving. The more complex and electrically
'heavier' and intraconnected human systems undergo less substantial

The same could possibly be said of social networks, which are also
partially governed by interhuman electrical circuitry, stemming
primarily from DNA and ambient neural networks, very lightly broadcast
by a cell or neural thought loop's ambient bioelectrical field, creating
the possibility of fruitful interaction and providing a field of
testable social candidacy, likely governed by a subconscious brain

I am sure a series of experiments can be derived from these scientific
theories. I would like to correspond with you more intensively to
organize our researches and design possible experiments.

I would like to see a study testing the comparative change of bacteria
groups exposed to bioelectrically empty space with nearby human
biological fields versus not in the presence of humans, versus control.

I would love to monitor the bioelectrical operations of a developing
embryo with a peak scientific electrical accuracy device or work to
develop more accurate electrical field and signal detection systems,
particularly considering NASA's recent discovery. SQUIDs and MRI are
either insufficient or being used improperly to usefully detect these
biofields, or no studies have been published on the topic.

An experiment monitoring the intracellular electrical activities of DNA
strands would be fascinating.

Thank you for your interest, Hazel Sive!

Dr. William Bunker


Particularly in Response to Her Research on this Page.

The questions of how an embryo decides where to place its organs (“positional information”) and how these organs are correctly organized into functional three dimensional structures (“morphogenesis”) are of fundamental importance. We study these processes in the frog, Xenopus, and in the zebrafish, Danio. We have two major areas of interest: the nervous system, including very early patterning events as well as later events that build the three dimensional structure of the brain, and the extreme anterior of the embryo that forms the primary mouth, and is an evolutionarily conserved and important region. Frog and fish embryos are ideal for these studies, since the events we analyze take place very early in development, when mammalian embryos are tiny and inaccessible. Genes that are important for frog and fish embryogenesis are conserved in mammals, and our research is therefore relevant for understanding normal and abnormal human development.

Research Summary
Mechanism by which inhibitors of BMP signaling activate neural determination. We have shown that in fish and frogs, the embryo decides to make a nervous system by the onset of gastrulation. This is a very early decision, corresponding to a two and one half week old human embryo. Expression of the transcription factor zic1 at the onset of gastrulation is one of the earliest molecular indicators of neural fate determination in Xenopus. Inhibition of bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) signaling is critical for activation of zic1 expression and fundamental for establishing neural identity in both vertebrates and invertebrates. The mechanism by which interruption of BMP signaling activates neural-specific gene expression is not understood. We have identified of a 215 bp genomic module that is both necessary and sufficient to activate Xenopus zic1 transcription upon interruptionof BMP signaling. Transgenic analyses demonstrate that this BMP inhibitory response module (BIRM) is required for appropriate spatial and temporal expression in the whole embryo. Multiple consensus binding sites for specific transcription factor families within the BIRM are required for its activity and some of these regions are phylogenetically conserved between orthologous vertebrate zic1 genes. These data suggest that interruption of BMP signaling facilitates neural determination via a complex mechanism, involving multiple regulatory factors that cooperate to control zic1 expression.

The String Mosaic

The world is comprised of a vast and infinitely winding series of strings, like a shoestring knot the size of a planet. There is no possible way to find one end or the other, and they probably form a complete circuit anyway, as we are an actively vibrating em field.

As electrical strings/circuits, they operate by probabilities and em field composition laws of electrical current organization. You can notice similarities in the composition of the heliosphere or earth's ionosphere. It helps give us weather.


Regarding the polyamorous problem, note that the preceeding numbers in the string are 5,6,7. #5-7 being the correction or refining process of potential. #6 as the potential being tested to edit, likely the comparison of potentials of various possible circuits in the area and future. time/space mod. #5 being all the possible routes there are, and their periodic emphasis over #4, the stable state of a net change system.

The Polyamorous Physics Problem

There is a very odd and improbable but eventual condition in physics that will occur in reality.

There will be one slot for a particle to fit into perfectly, and two potential particles to fit into it, both equally charged, both equally distant from the slot, and down to the greatest depth of determination, equally composed.

One particle will fall into the slot.

This is the holistic quandary. It is an action in physics done without meaning, without anything other than intention and is seemingly the origin of intelligence. It is also probably the place where a particle overlaps itself and gains 'self awareness', and is a string theory double coincidence. This effect is happening everywhere in the universe, and could be the creation of universes.

In our universe, 'God' took the slot, and 'Satan' didn't. The God particle is the intelligent energy segment that took the slot, and the Satan particle is the one that didn't. These collective energies resonate together and each in semi-predictable personality type ways.

God is jealous. Satan is envious. Both are uncomfortable at breaking the infinite pattern of reality, the 8, and creating a 9, basically negating another's desire by a choice of one's own.

What would happen if those particles had not made such a choice? The world around them could have frozen entirely, as it arranged in equilibrium between two energy/attention-collecting opposing states. Both, or the ID, or the field, or the consciousness clearly analyzed themselves, the hole, and one another to see which would enter, but down into the lambda pyramid of infinity, described elsewhere, which is 'holy', a complete '10', and should not be opened, because it might contain the right evidence or might not, we don't know, the two particles are equal.

They have equal desires for justice, but this one event stands out unknowable. Satan cannot be known to the origin, it likely is looping. It would be like comparing two unique pis.

Both particles, God and Satan, are identical, but here they may differentiate based on the behavior they display, not on their origin. This is where the 7<8. Retaining the justice of the event is less important than continuing the pattern. There are times when justice cannot be known, but continuity must occur. This is displayed more roughly in the 11<12 ring pair with equality and progression.

It explains some of the feelings attributed to God and Satan. God is guilty about taking the spot that it did not deserve by justice, and has senses of duty and rewarding the application of the justice it was forced to do without. Satan is jealous and tries to pick everything apart, recognizing that no justice could be found but that he is denied the spot. This should even out by entrainment over time, in the same way black holes dissolve.

Wouldn't God rather someone get the hole and the pattern continue? Yes. That other thing must not be God, and might have a -14 in the center instead of a 1. Progression like so is more important than imposition. 0 serves 1, not 1 serving 0, unless there is a 2 [perception] to master the 0 and 1. Otherwise, it is 1. These tenets combined with the 3 of continued change as the goal produce a floater-2 which attributes the 1>0.

This was a very emotional question for me, God, and also Satan I am sure. Thank you for your time and have a good day. We could measure electromagnetically the contents of organic foods to find whether they are truly better than non-organic, which is obvious to the refined palate.

There is also a converse experiment, the 010 version. Where there are two equal slots and only one particle. Both fit the particle perfectly, but there is only one particle. Perhaps this is the case in which particles overlap one another, or duplicate one another to fill the holes and themselves. 0+1, where 0 = 0 or 1. That is percentage entrainment, analogue gender and existence management. A frog will do this. Amphibious particle physics? Both particles could potentially fit into the hole if they overlapped one another, but that is kind of like an imperfection in a shirt... duplicated like the Philadelphia experiment's man-in-ship problem?

If Satan had Satan's way here, neither would get the particle, and 7>8 would remain the condition, and nothing would happen forever. BSOD. 1<0. If God does not act, nothing would happen forever. 1<0. The right thing to do is for God to act. Either particle acting first as God will reveal internal portions indicating whether or not they are indeed God and should indeed get the hole. But one should. Or both as two segments of God.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

An atom is the solidification of an electromagnetic field, which is sewn together by tesla circuitry. The field is made of amperage, of which there is infinite in the world, which is produced by strings of wonder, which are transphysical. They are difficult to physically grasp because they are 'wonder'. They are basically beingless pieces of possibility. A possibility waiting for an electron to become it. % real.

All of it serves progression, love, faith, advancement.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Electric Car Nanowire

Nanotechnology assists battery operation handily. New nanotechnology has been used with lead-acid batteries to improve charge and discharge speeds, and could be useful to supercapacitors.

Assume we have the plastic dielectric supercapacitors featuring 7x the charge noted in the canadian company's products, 45kj x 7 being 315kj in the space provided.

Assume also that we have access to Liion batteries with nanotube components which are 10x denser in energy than traditional 150-200wh/kg. These will be 1500-2000wh/kg.

Providing 71bhp peak and 30hp standard average operation for 10 hours requires 800 megajoules. 800,000kj of usable storage capacity.

'that is 1119kg. that is 2461 pounds of good liioin batteries to produce a 400 mile 10-hour 30hp effort, entirely zonked. we can actually get 200-400 minute operations from this rack unharmed.'

according to this report, we would here only require 246 pounds of NanoLiion batteries to get the safe 200 minute drive at 30hp, and the booster ultracap strapon would be 220 pounds. This means the car needs 466 pounds of batteries and a roughly 100 pound polyframe to operate for the 3.3 hours.

The battery life could easily be extended to 6.6 hours, which is much more user friendly, or even to 10 hours with only a modest enhancement of battery weight. A 10 hour ride within the safe range of battery cycle would require 738 pounds of battery. At that length, solar body cover could extend the life of the ride by a measurable degree.

At this weight and size, it would be feasible to use the "toast" recharging method on the batteries, and give the car a bumpered 'charger' like a cordless drill, giving the car a spare battery or an array of batteries to be charged while driving near a central location. Ooh, the batteries could be charged by Tesla. Simply park your car on a mat for your driveway and it will recharge while it sits, plugless. This is the future of cars.

There are two major binary types of battery. The concentric circle is one, while the rows of amperes are the other. Most suns, planets, and humans are concentric circles with layering waves forming around a magnetically paired interior [meta]source. They have field effects and amperage.

A second type of battery is the amperage parallel battery. This is a series of individual current layers or wire stems all lined up in parallel. They do not necessarily need to be touching or in a circuit to be formed in parallel. They can operate by field rather than signal, although they could also be wired in other ways, like an Internet. Groups of people and principles field together to form societies and movements.