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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


We have this story about Noah and the flood. ~270 flood stories have survived. The Hawaiins have this story that after the first dude in the world died, the place became corrupt and violent. So God decided to flood it. One guy, Nu'u, built a big canoe and put a house on it. He and his family were the only people to survive the flood.

The Chinese say Fuhi did it. With his 3 sons and 3 daughters. Noah had 3 sons and their wives.

Toltec Mesoamericans say the first world lasted 1716 years, and that only one family named Coxcox survived. Bible birth dates before the flood added together produce 1656 years. That is within margin of error. So it Nu'u to Noah. Say em. Say em both. Then look at the Hawaiians language patterns.

Do note that this boat shaped piece is 300 cubits long, as described in the Bible, and located at 'Noah's Big Boat' in Turkey.

Consider Atlantis. Probably a flood legend, and probably no longer exists at all because of the flood.

Well, if you're going to get it you've gotten it by now! Join me in researching this!


I'd also like to examine the possibility of up- and down- evolution. It is easy for Darwin's finches to be produced by natural selection, but these finches will never ever turn into eagles, or humans. This is down evolution, and the creatures have drifted downstream from their starting point.

If up-evolution occurred, there would be a much looser grouping of species. It would not be chains of species, but more of an intense fraying of species ropes into individual fibers, each competing for space as individuals or possibly families and not as species. Instead, we see tightly grouped genetic chains, specific methods of genetic transmission, and new species appearing in steps like a staircase. Up-evolution would be like a waterfall or a ramp.

Down-evolution is unexceptional, as in there is no up-evolution. Genetic drift is like cloud transformation. These clouds will not become mountains or planes though. End.


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