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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Unified Field Theory

There is a superfine dust all through existance, which I will call "yottainvisible" because of its expected scale. It is also 99.9...% uncharged and unmagnetic.

An electron is not [-], it just conducts it, as is shown by tests involving yttrbium crystals near absolute zero, with stationary electrons that still conduct electricity. This is a force called 'the funk that lives inside you'. It is not represented in matter. It travels on a 'string' aka string theory.

There are two charges in the world: [+-] and [++]. A [++] charge attracts like charges and is unaffected by [-]. [-] is also unreal. Whenb a + is challenged, it slides onto a quantum spectrum of possibility of creation, in which it is challenged by an up to equal force of -. Every + or potential + observed from a [+-] field, containing doubt, is challenged by an 'unreal' - force.

In a perfect [++] world, there is one polarity: +. This + would then group on a scale cascading upwards with other +. In a world of doubt there are 2 polarities: + and -. When centered around doubt, a + and - will perform as [+-] and attract to one another, stopping major accumulation by conventional magnetic principles. When centered around doubtlessness of faith, in unquantum condition, a perfect [++] charge forms, where + clings to + and - clings to -, causing - to disappear and + to become 'what you believe it to be'.

Subatomic particles in [+-] field are mandelbrots of charge fitted together. When they break into other doubt-field chemistries made stable by faith in observation or [+-] math, the subatomic particles last for trillionths of a second, until their charge is reabsorbed into the new [+-] magnetic equation and the particulate matter they once were falls back to ~chargeless dust.

Also consider C-relativity and TOIS in archives for detail on universal constant and astronomically tiny waves and mandelbroting subatomics.

The atomic bomb is a mandelbrot upwards in scale the same way that the subatomic force is a mandelbrot downwards in scale. It cascades upwards causing incremental astronomical force until the chain reaction no longer resonates with the atomic scale and math, and the effect entrains out of chemical force, through EMP and radioactive frequencies and out of the universe that affects us. It may also cascade downwards in scale causing unobserved astronomically tiny effects in a precise location, until it entrains down ad infinitum.

That is very cool, and may have attracted distant aliens to observe the bomb/reaction and the events that caused it, in the same way we would observe a supernova, and then potentially be able to arrive there to observe it before it technically began by laws of physics. If any event humanity has ever performed attracted the attention of aliens, it is an independent cascading fission reaction. Nuclear fission is controlled and probably does not cascade ad infinitum.

Let it be known that I could produce a magnetic charge in the arrangement of the protons required to make a 'shirt'. This charge would then *call up* the dust to become arranged in the magnetic form of the shirt, and it would "become". I could wear it and everything. It would appear out of *nothing*. Dust and charge. This is how I believe God made you from dust.

This is how I believe God made you from dust.


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