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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Molecular Alchemy

These scientists worked using an STM and voltage to change the structure of a single molecule. They said the process changes it electrical interaction with a platinum surface it sat upon. This is because of the change in vibration of the stabilities. Examine string theory and atomics. If you remove a bundle of stabilized string from the molecule, the entire set will have a different stability, namely changing from CNHCH3 to CNCH3, but electromagnetically shifting from a certain hz frequency and massload and segregations to a different one.

By bathing the stability in harassing waves, the hz frequencies can be affected up or down, which will push the flowing river of energy over certain threshholds and into new valleys [a valley being a lowest point in a stability, the threshhold being a mountain of required potential*]. Adding a component of voltage from electrons as a medium could provide synergy in the reaction and allow more powerful and more specific chemical change functions within a complex molecule than simply waves.

*here is where the efficiency lies. The hz frequency harassment can replace a chemical input to overcome threshholds. This is wildly efficient and a non-chemical process. Technically it is electronic and not chemical.

The demonstrated process was a blunt shot that happened to line up. An electron is a very large signature of frequency and voltage that breaks many molecular stabilities. Using a variable voltage system of hz fields and wave harassment on a molecule can produce analog results, while electrons would be the digital.

Science will soon discover the cascading mathematics behind atomic stabilities, and the secrets of alchemy, giving them the ability to overcome materialism. Please prepare society for this venture.


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