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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Electric Medicine

[Reviewed for clarity]

I say all of this as a Christian, and know that it is all within the power of Jesus Christ, son of God.

So, it seems that a cell is a magnetic structure, as well as any atom or particle. Particularly cell walls are strong delineations of a regional em field, so an injury via trauma would be severe if it cut through cell walls. I would expect an injury to merely divide cells from one another for the primary portion, except in crushing damage.

What is trauma? It is force applied magnetically. When two atoms approach, they never touch. Their electromagnetic fields touch and repel. Atoms that are coerced to move by that electrical resistance thru a machine [muscle, chemical reaction associated with energy release or chemical transformation] function as catalysts for electrical change in the regions they move to/thru.

Your body is a mess of electrical charges, bound magnetically to one another to make your whole electromagnetic field, and the field of every cell. Cells is probably small enough and close enough to each other that regional electricity and magnetic fields are significant actors. A stiff force applied to a stiff mass shows up as bundled em charges piling on one another at the connecting surface. Less so with softer masses. The stacked charges either overwhelm the standing charges and assimilate them into their own em configuration or the standing charge resists it and the foreign magnetic cycle is repelled while the old remains intact. The standing mass' em force can be weakened to the point that their charges do not stick to themselves without being overwhelmed. This is the difference between recharging a battery and rebuilding one.

If the standing charge [your arm] is overwhelmed by the presenting force, your arm aligns itself in the way of the piled charge, including possibly capacitance representative of the standing force. This can be one battery's charge approaching and rearranging the smaller' battery's charge, effectively overlapping it and causing the pieces of the standing charge to rearrange systemically to handle the combined amperage of the atomic resistancies of the piled charge, incorporating it into the bone's natural charge.

This is why the wounds persist, particularly in bone. Their charges have been misshapen. The DNA in the cells still appears as God intended, but the em-organized and physical form has been rearranged. This charge can cascade thru the bone or stiff structure until it can be negotiated by standing associative charges.

The bone remains injured or tense like pressurized [crunched] tectonic plates. It probably contains supportive pieces whose charge has been corrupted by the incoming magnetic force. These pieces have been em-rebuilt to afford a different bone/stiff macrostructure, compensating for incoming force. This compensation remains after the force is done, since the cells absorb magnetic charge deeply to be strongly bonded[?] to one another. They have attached to the incoming force and negotiated it with corresponding opposite charge. This opposite charge still abounds. Earthquake aftershocks, waiting to be released. The piled up charges will slowly release from their collected points.

If the outstanding deviant electric charge can be dispersed or drawn from the injury, the bone's natural magnetic charge should resolve, and the bone will 'magnetically' pull itself back together. If performed 'instantly' the bone would visibly slip back together over its fracture to uniformity, and I imagine cell response would be prompt to reseal lost chemical bonds, possibly in a matter of several hours or days and returning to full strength within a week.

Theoretically, this can be done mentally by shifting body field magnetics and relying on God for help and associative work. Christian reiki has been demonstrated effective. The magnetic charges in the body are effective and exist. Magnetic fields and charges guide cells.

Trees rely on this magnetism. They bend in the wind instead of snap. Bones can conceivably bend instead of break if the charge passes through them instead of attaching somewhere and there piling up. If the charge is passed on like through a wire, the incoming force can simply be dispersed like voltage.

Hmm. The heart may be a place the body keeps spare voltage, to be distributed throughout the body, or where it is needed. The cells are in constant contact with the blood which flows everywhere, and are highly electrical.
What keeps cells together? Their chemical attachments and their place as a part of an electricomagnetic matrix operating on a unified hz frequency.

Internal difficulties will dislodge this unified hz. The piled em charge may be released on a slow level. Say if a measured ampere of charge were stacked up in a small connective region as red in the existing cell fields, it could be released as low level em field radiation over a week or 3 weeks' time, slowly healing, or the charge could be drawn out rapidly and dumped somewhere else, or neutralized.

Different hertz levels reflect as different colors, within the visible range. Equal amperage on all hz [color] frequencies is white charge.


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