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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Radiance and the true Strong and Weak forces

Charges (+) or (-) can be either outwardly flowing (radiant) or inwardly flowing (diminishing). This is its use for goodness, an external and radiant, or evil, an internal and diminishing, and affects its magnetic attraction, but not its strength of magnetism. It could also be represented as 1+, 0+. or 1-, 0-, in the non-euclidian math system.

Entire actions can be + or -, and when X is radiant, X attracts [or entrains] other things around it to become like force, either radiant or diminishing. This is the true Strong nuclear force, which scientists have labeled the weak force. It is when (+) + (+), or (-) + (-). The weak force is when opposites attract and form stable atomic cholesterols. This can occur on small atomic levels or on area-magnetics levels (forming 1+ non-euclidian style ambient circuitry).

They call the weak force weak because they are labeling something that causes atoms to break apart or wind down, but they are not weakened down, they are torn apart into other things. The true strong force, radiance, is strong enough to keep stable atoms from forming.

Unresolved quantums could be radiant or diminishing. They have not yet been observed as true or false, or their other properties. [see below on atomic ringing].

I liken a strong radiant to a wave, while a weak stable force as a loop. The loop expresses as mass, an anchor, and radiates entrainment of gravity for all other things to become weak like itself and stay. This occurs on a descending grade through space which is a force of attraction. A radiant force occurs as a wave, unstable, continually updating and malleable. Weak is false, it is a 1 = 0. That's radiance flowing in a circle. It produces a loop of overlap that says 1 != 0, and is unresolved, so that force does not move forward in time, but remains looping wherever it is until it is resolved. It is like a hanging code error that we call an atom, and it will just stay there, unobserved quantums, until someone or something comes along and forces it to express a property through action in the universe or observation. We call the method of shifting unresolved pieces of atoms around 'chemistry'. It makes new unresolved/stable states, which are observable and useful in a weak force entrained environment/economy.

The strong force says 1 = 1, and is true, and updates continually through time as a functional physical program of energy. It has no quantums as it is an open wave, or they are all continually observed and 'unhanging', and is anything *imaginable* right away, but as soon as something else is imagined along its path it is that instead. It could also be numerous things at the same time. The weak force is merely when that atom or wave stabilized, turned weak, and began looping. Technically this is true as atoms can be anything on the correct hz and charge and atomic number, but an electron or a flying proton or subatomic particle or piece of energy is technically not a macro object. An atom is not a wave, and relies on certain stable elements at all times which do not change until their force is overcome or resolved.

I believe that this radiance occurs through time and has affects on their expression. You may be looking back in time when you see a stable atom. You could be looking at an atom that is days old. "The last time this field equaled 'true' it looked like this:" It's like the video card freezing. Weak force.

Atomic Ringing

Everything is ringing right now, just a little. Most of it is inaudible and invisible waves. Radioactive elements ring in unstable ways that cause them to ring themselves slowly apart. It is a piece of atomic code that continually ends up a small amount short/second, and the atomic bundle eventually = 0.

You're making noise. You're making waves. The ringing of an atom, or item, via area magnetics, is from this principle. Like heat, the e(-) inside things bounce about, in their unobserved quantum shells. Ringing is their hz level and how far and hard outwards they bounce. Even on their original shell associations they can come to be almost anywhere [even in a macro scale] it's still a stable wave as their baseline with appropriate corrections to the harmonics later, which are equally as likely or unlikely. Like plucking an e-string harder, the sound produced will be different or louder, but the string/electron is still attached to the guitar/atom. The thing is with atoms that there is no physical boundary for the radius of an electron's forte, so long as it remains atomic harmonic.

If a group of atoms all ring in symphony, they can cause a visible object to appear to be in two places at once, or more. Which one of them would be the 'real' object, though? I have no idea. Probably the oen that is being reacted with to be observed, although that sets off a new branch of quantums, one real, one that cannot be shown to be real but is not necessarily unreal. It is just easy to disbelieve in it. It is hard to cook on the same stove in Jersey as Frisco, but it can be done with appropriate harmonics, even when you're touching and observing both of them. That requires the quantum uncertainty wave to remain uncollapsed into the weak state.

Radiance can produce things that are otherwise quantum impossibles, because a radiant will not resolve into a stable loop. But the radiant can remain along a mental or otherwise guided pathway to look just like stable things. It's like buying something on credit instead of cash.

All the electrons of an object can be made to ring into a certain area, even one outside of the object, due to harmonics. Also, you can't observe an electron without changing its power, and they are tiny, so just by looking at it, you cannot necessarily see it to define it one way or the other and collapse its quantum uncertainty. How this would show up on video, uncertain. The camera only records electromagnetic certainties, and these quantum uncertainties might not show up on an EM camera roll. A camera that recorded in quantum states, now that would be a fantastic scientific object, but probably not great for the vacation in Florida. "Yes, you went." You might also be able to tell on that camera if you really enjoyed it, which would remain up to you from moment to moment, as it is your opinion. Opinion from the past recorded on camera would change with your whim. This is represented in some ways on EM tape, and any quantum uncertainties recorded on normal EM tape will align themselves to the surrounding radiant conditions.

Note that inappropriate or additional ringing may become CPU slowness or inefficiency.

So, time is a wave that can turn into a loop to become hanging or stable objects. It records stable conditions and they are passed by the continualy radiant truth of 1=1 at a steady pace of imagination. Cesium is stable but its energy is not false, just its loop [TOIS, waves within waves]. We can measure the energy running in that collapsed wave/loop as electron cycles and thus we measure time in a local area of imagination or observation. At what Hz does observation occur? It depends on radiance, which is timeless and time is meaningless to it, but all stable loops will continue breaking down at the speed of light/hanging stabilities.

I believe eating the Apple in Eden caused otherwise perfectly radiant humans and human energy to become tainted with weak force. If one remains in weak force continually, one will have a stable and unimaginative life. But if one remains in strong force continually, one will dream forever. A body is a place to go back to when you stop dreaming, or a place to dream from and have stable things decided as good.

Christians, you can use this radiance to produce good things in the world. Be radiant, and the things around you will be radiant also. Goodness will collect to goodness, and evil will collect to evil and all shall be judged.


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