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Friday, September 15, 2006

MegaScience 2006

The foundations of science can allow us to do fantastic things in 2006. We can solve the majority of the world's physical problems. Go forth and spread this news and the news of Jesus Christ!

There are 20 US patents for free energy systems. One given in 2002 is a Motionless Electromagnetic Generator [MEG] that produces some 100X the energy used to extract power from the universal constant found in a vacuum. Many others make use of water adjustment techniques for power, using everything from charged water to molecular ringing [you're ringing right now]. Others use trapped sound, some resonate with the earth's magnetic field, and still others make use of other field electricity and cosmic radiation.

Nikolai Tesla had an electric field-receiving 1930 Pierce Arrow automobile. It had no engine, just electricity absorbed from a field like radio waves.

3D printers can form molecules on an atom by atom basis with nanorobotics. You could print pizza - a cooked pizza - from nanorobotics. You could print an entire organ system. Stem cells from umbillical cords or adult cells electromagnetically and chemically coerced into becoming stem cells, can be replicated and used in medicine. Synthetic blood electricity could be used to fight pathogens better than any chemical antibiotic. Your own body continually electrifies you just a little bit, on a level of a few hundred nanoamperes [uA].

In the name of Jesus Christ, these technolgies constitute logic and ways of service to God that can change the world. May they be blessed by the Lord!


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