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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Area Magnetics and Mental Circuitry

A coiled circuit is used by power companies to transmit power when a direct connection is not available. The energy is picked up by the coil from a field produced by the originating source. The power comes from the field as e- and into the coiled wire, and down the remainder of the circuit. We can usurp electricity from the earth's geomagnetic field and possibly from background radiation from space using this method. [Dr. Moray] This coil [0] is the opposite of an antenna [1]. Briefly consider the sexual implications.

This can be accomplished by neurons, highly conductive biological cell chains, and even by circuitous fields and existing electrical flows through any matter. If a neural or electrical pattern has coils in it of any sort, these coils will pick up certain Hz levels of any electrical field they operate in. The fewer and shorter coils, the less power generated.

Note also here the interaction of fear and coils. Fear is an empty space, and when fear intersects a straight line, it causes a curve. These curves can become coils if left unchecked. Most non-empathic humans hardly recognize them, or only know to feel for them by their actions and moral compass, not merely their thought, or fear.

Certain coils are natural. The gonads are slated to be coils, which likely pick up ambient or signaled messagery.

The unwanted coils not hooked up to effective hard-wired biological electrical systems will essentially shock the part of the body they have formed in, likely intensifying the fear response, and building up conductive channels in the cells nearby, also increasing the liklihood of continued wasted and distracting electrical pathways. Fortunately, these pathways and their biological repercussions can be mentally reversed, since thought itself causes quantum points and paths of microconductivity to form, significant on a cellular level [in the 700-800 nanoampere range for white blood cells] in even the most average human. Never fear.

This is similar to the way memory neurons pick up field Hz signals, but both the gonads and the brain perform useful function, and return usable signal. Unnaturally formed coils do not return usable signal.


Now consider area magnetics on an astronomically large scale. Earth's magnetic field is a field local to the superheated iron and nickel core, or other measurably magnetic substances as denoted by the Hollow Earth Theory. It produces an binary charge that reaches solid hundreds of miles above the earth's surface. Beyond this threshhold [non-area magnetics, distance magnetics] its tug affects all other magnetic forces in a [X/^2] manner over distance squared, and everything is magnetic, even if it is stably balanced. In a similar way, all other things, even distant dark matter clouds, pull on earth, even just a little. Local bodies pull even more broadly.

Because of Newton's laws, earth pulls back. This is the pull that we may feel. While the moon has a very small amount of gravity on us, it creates the tides. We feel the tides and earth's response to the moon more than the moon itself. Because *we* are magnetic, we are part of earth's magnetic field. It is a binary field because it has pockets of + and - magnetism all over it, not just by the poles. The poles are dominant magnetic forces in the region, but on a scale of our bodies, our conscious choices and established battery-like chemical magnetic charges are the dominant magnetic forces, because of proximity [X/^2]. Earth is riddled with these small, often transient variant fields. They don't significantly affect earth's overall charge measured from a distance. Earth's charge becomes an ambient area for us, which our local magnetics become used to and are relatively unaffected by, like the tides.

But when earth begins pulling on us in response to mars, our ambient area of magnetics changes, and the normal response we give to earth's field changes. Depending on mars' [stable but unknown] electromagnetics and hz, this can affect us in different ways, and will affect individuals with unique EM & Hz uniquely but on a theme. The theory of area magnetics can explain all astrology and why hospitals ramp up readiness for the full moon, when people seem to do extra crazy stuff on record.

The magnetic center of an area can be measured using normal gravitational physics, but applied to magnetics. This point is the action of the magnetic "bundle", and its Hz is the dominant and acting Hz frequency of that bundle measured from a distance.

"From a distance" when referring to a magnetic charge or field, refers to a measurement from outside the threshhold of its charge. When by backing off, the charge does not continue to change. Differently strengthed magnets in a bundle can potentially produce non-circular magnetic fields. Since magnetic forces become very low due to divide-by-exponents after a certain radius and fall out of the numerical neighborhood of forces for a region, this is considered "from a distance", as those magnetic forces approaching astronomical smallness [see Theory of Infinite Smallness] still affect even distant forces, and can become highly emphasized or effective in certain situations.

The magnetic center of a bundle is entirely imaginary. It is an artificial grouping of independent magnetic forces, which have no reason to be associated with one another in exclusion of the remainder of existance. They merely are numbers that are close to one another in comparison to other numbers. This is the neighbohooding effect. Earth's magnetic field is imaginary, because the magnetic bundle that it is formed of is an artificial seperation. Earth's magnetic center is in a different location [probably] than the magnetic center of the whole of existance, measured from a distance.

[it may be so that the magnetic center of all existance, due to the theory of Newton's Laws, is the center and origin of all things. thusly, creation of any negative or positive particle from its opposite would intensify this magnetic signature. is a (-) an IOU to reality? what of ()() [0000...]? infinity is real. that i have a hard time wrapping, and because of infinity, the magnetic center of the whole of existance cannot be known. ever! except by God.]

The secret is to find joy and love in all you do.


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