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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Number Theory

Howdy! I want to teach you the basics of a certain non-euclidian social number theory.
It's quite simple and a good way to juggle social maths, present in game theory.

1 = the self. any singular thing.
2 = you and something. this is your perception, a love, an experience.
3 = usually society. you and two others, two possibilities. it takes 3
people to make society.
4 = square. privacy. sustainability. this is also geometrics.
5 = action. the pentagon. multiability.
6 = review. two societies, two courts of 3. mulling something higher.
7 = justice, correction, authority.
8 = equality, infinity.
9 = the mind, producing greater systems from conditions.
10 = completion, existance.
11 = law, difference, sameness, respect.
12 = progression, love, order. God. I and love. 1,2.

Those are the main 12. 13 is a society of God. Jesus Christ was the 13th
human after the 12 disciples. 0 also plays a role sometimes.

-1 is unreal, and represents a flaw or problem. You cannot show me -1
fruits. -1 can be tagged alongside a real number to show that the
problem is likely a contraction or disorder closest to that region.

Each number is jr to the number above it. We all obey God, within in the
society of God. A number has the support in truth of all positive
numbers below it. A negative number is not actually negative, it is
[-1]X, where X is a positive number.

This becomes an easy way to socially interact and is a kind of
shorthand. Even if it is not spoken, please consider it to produce
greater order and love in your life.

For example, "Hey, he's committing a -7!" would be someone doing
something that is unjust, or producing a fix that does not correct the
problem. Law superceding the thing it serves is 11 > 12. This is a false
equation. It equals -1. A -4 is an illegal breach of privacy. The 4th
amendmet relates to this. The 1st amendment is the basic right of
speech. The 2nd amendment is the right for my gun to be with me. The 3rd
has to do with the press, a social condition. Pleading the 5th is taking

Love always!


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