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Saturday, June 16, 2007


[guest post for Technopickle]

According to this article, light that has electron spin controlled and its em field condensed can move through solid matter. This would mean that electronics can be made from light moving through metal instead of semiconductors. This would reduce the heat level of circuits tenfold and reduce the power requirements another. They'd be frosty, and the temperature would become circa unimportant for material stability and conductivity. Best, it can probably be non-volatile, meaning that it will be infinitely sustainable light within metal. That sounds like the best RAM ever for a chip.

Light would also be a very good processing unit for a qubit oriented chip. Photons can be made to determine uncertainties quite well. Adding to them the depths of spin and em density [and em frequency] can make a single photon of unique properties hold numerous bytes of information.

A single photon. It can also be processing power if the qubit is to be determined or shaped 1 or 0.


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