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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Light as a Hz Medium

I am working on vibrational alchemy. The vibration of the magnetically charged particles inside an atom affect their magnetism. If we can harass them into magnetizing differently by chainging their hz frequency in a nonchemical fashion, we can move mountains with a wave and turn lead into gold or water into HHO.

Conventional 'chemistry' and atomics rely on existing atoms to produce these vibrational changes. Every atom and molecule is already at a stable vibration to have chemical fx. Throwing them together is with an activator is a way to get velcro to stick in different ways.

Sew the velcro.

Previously, I had used e- as a frequency transmitter. It doesn't matter in what way frequency is introduced to the atom. The method of introduction merely has a certain level of conductivity to each unique stability, primarily affected by amperage rather than affecting incoming signal Hz, speculated.

So long as the signal goes through the atom and resonates reasonably with the particles inside and the atom's Hz, it should be functional. This could be sound, though their amperage level is likely low. 14khz sound waves on an atom may require large amperage to have effect. Also, e- has been used, but more importantly, light lasers can be used. Lasers of varying Hz with scalable amperages should interact with atoms in a functional way.

This could be a functional method of ionization in a randomized field of 'radiation'. This is probably the way all forms of radiation affect matter. We can seriously untie all pollution systems even faster than biological measures could.

How could biology benefit from this level of Hz existance? Can biological functions be trained to take place in the environment of this resonance? Are there nonbiological electromagnetic life forms/stabilities?

A kind of 'funk' that does not attract yottainvisible dust. Would you call it a culture of spirits?

Thank you for the revolution.


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