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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Einstein proven right

This article is fantastic. It is a bunching up of space around the shadow of the universal constant caused by the uneven ohmage of stabilized atoms. It is indeed a 'lag' and a point of ill-conductivity in the universe. Like 56k bandwidth loading a movie, forever, in relation to the [ohmless?] conductivity of deep space.

However, I want to emphasize the point that e-mc^2 is slightly off in a way that doesn't show up easily because of the theory of infinite smallness and area magnetics.

E=mc^2 should account for the speed of light being merely a fulcrum in time/space. If I was 300kkm long, would I be able to walk to the store 10,000 my length away? Yes. Would I be able to move faster than the speed of light? Not truly, it doesn't matter. As I went faster, time would bend to account for my speed. Like kicking up chunks of this space time elastic fabric as I throw off of it faster than it updates. The update will come, and I will get to the store. How much "time" it will take is a chipset calculation based on this broken/hang ohmage. New quantums will probably be opened inbetween each overstretched piece of space time and form either new space, new energy, or new time where there frankly was none before.


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