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Saturday, February 17, 2007

What is Real?

Of all possible realities, all are real. Where are you?

Reality is a place we go. Consciousness and attention are the only 'real' things. All 'reality' that we substrate with/examine is the symptom of the perceiver being Velveteen-style real.

Reality is waiting for you to experience it, in unexplored [un]reality. Knowing and caring are real. The resonation we rebroadcast from God's will is real. Duality. We resonate with God's will, so as to be real. Microresonations within that will are the reality we make ourselves be in by wave attraction and repulsion.

Inside this, we judge and experience justice, and one another, realed inside our own minds together. Like people with dynamic screens set up around them, many in a room, interpreting and experiencing individually and together as well, basically unable to truly touch one another except through dramatic interpretation and belief.

God is the core of our reality.

We are the man inside the submarine. The submarine is you, and it is reality. How many real layers can there be? Is each layer a wave or a dune in the desert of existance, where we don't really need water unless we choose to thirst? Buffeted.


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