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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Vibrational Atomics and Dinner Time

We've known about vibrational atomics and wave entrainment to chemicals since the invention of the microwave, which is noted as one of the few inventions that is 'unaccredited'. It is speculated that this is alien technology either given as presents or backwards engineered from recovered spacecraft.

This is the very edge of alchemy.

The microwave works by sending energized waves that make the "OH" bond in food [COOH] and water [HOH] excite. When the electron shells reduce, this radiates heat, which cooks the food.

Engineered waves and electron current vibrating at a certain Hz can make water split much more efficiently, using the Hz frequency, instead of blunt amperage.

Give me the hydrogen engine, and split my water using special vibrational atomics. The Hz frequency of e- is said to be ~14,330.


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