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Friday, December 08, 2006

Event = Particle

Time is not the cycling of cesium atoms. We see from the Unified Field Theory that cesium is a stable no-net energy state of [+-] chemistry. That is waiting for a loop. Real time is the resolution of quantums. This is also the more important 'time' also, because all real changes except spacial drift are measured by the resolution of quantums.

A quantum is an uncertainty in the future. A resolved quantum is an event in the past that has been defined, and is now [+-] stable, like an atom. Technically, events from the past can be charged and changed in the same way as our chemical events can change. However, the world is continually degrading or resolving itself, collapsing into certainty.

This process is reversible. I will leave you with that on quantums.

Now, an event, which is similar to a quantum unresolved, is actually a particle, in the same way that an atom is a particle. An event is simply a macromagnetic organization occuring in an area perhaps the size of a room or a football field or a nation. It has a net vibration, a series of TOIS-AM stable charges, and afterwards, these things have changed their formation and traded charge. This could describe molecular chemistry, atomics, or a football game, including the 'outcome'.

Perception seems to be excellent at solidifying or resolving quantums into 'probable' [+-] conditions. Some events or conditions have no or few observable conditions, such as a social event. They are then therefore extremely heavily tied to perception, and almost entirely or exactly entirely physically unhinged. An unobserved glass, for example, is whatever you perceive with your thought to be, until it collapses into that quantum stability. [See quantum ringing. This is the *actual* state of being of every unresolved quantum. The electrons uncertain in the matter are in several unobserved locations and energy charges at the same time.

Assign value to this.

What is more excellent is even *observed* quantum conditions and events are not necessarily what they are perceived to be. A glass of juice that you can see could be full, empty, or half full/empty all at the same time in your field of vision and not collapse despite observation. Or it could leap from condition to condition before your eyes, depending on your belief. We are trained to believe our senses and to *want* them to not respond to changes, to not correlate to changes. It is comforting to have a finger on things.

The visual perception of these states is also "unusual". Have you ever witnessed a glass being both full and empty at once? What would it "look" like to you? Would you cry? I might. This is another incentive not to try to hard to dissuade yourself from your immediate perceptions, which are arguably at [+-]... you know, unless you don't want them to be that. [++].

In the same way, so do *events* respond as particles and conditions respond. The past and future will also respond in this way.

There is one thing we cannot change, though. That is justice. You can never come up to me and tell me that murder is right. God's ethics will never be overcome by desire. Love is the answer. The world will continually justify itself to this truth, which is unconquerable. -unwatched [to be edited]

I have scientifically shown that God's justice is perfect and love is the answer. May you be honored, God.


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