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Monday, November 27, 2006

13 Conundrums Vs Science

The link article produces 13 major inequalities facing conventional science. Billy Bunkie The Science Junkie recommends certain fixes to these inequalities.

"1 The placebo effect

DON'T try this at home. Several times a day, for several days, you induce pain in someone. You control the pain with morphine until the final day of the experiment, when you replace the morphine with saline solution. Guess what? The saline takes the pain away."

The placebo effect is directly linked to immunology and perception based [quantum] events. The mind believes there is morphine, or some pain blocking effect, in the solution. And since to a tiny degree, there is, and since the body is riddled with natural pain killers of identical sorts and probably some residual morphine, these elements, conducting that attention, are emphasized, and pain is not expected. The biofeedback circuit is easily broken and is possibly broken. This X faith = true.

The #4 Belfast homeopathy effect falls under this category as well. Technically, you have given them medicine, or the possibility of medicine with the intent of giving them medicine. That is a quantum condition, which, unobserved, could be very high potency or very low. This is playing with quantum 'dark field' unobserved effects. You don't know how much medicine is in the dilution. And you have no proof or expectation that the medicine would be evenly distributed in each wash. A single wash could knock most or even all of it out, or 1000 washes could be entirely ineffective, depending on probability. Unobserved probability is all. Which is based on faith again. Unified Field Theory: Radiance.

The universal constant is probably caused by the field of yottainvisible dust. This stuff is barely charged and 10^-24~ tiny. That means meaninglessly small.

Faster than light events occur around this yottainvisible dust. They also take into account C-Relativity. This may affect the universe's creation and distribution.

The blue shift theory may be stimulated by a seemingly random but macrosensible [taken as a >lightyear Hz-level] polarization of the universe caused by Radiance via the Unified Field Theory. This could also explain the universe speeding up in its expansion. This could also provide regional buoyancy for ultra-high energy particles.

"Dark matter" is yottainvisible dust and its magnetics and electrifications. This dust may also provide a tiny amount of gravity, dispersed over space. You may be able to help me and figure out the ratio of space to dust per unit. 13%? Regardless of mandelbroting, the real amount of dust per area. This figure could be affected by quantum effects, and it could also give us a base probability of energy in a field. Or 'the' field.

There is life on Mars, according to Chilbolton. This could explain the interesting soil findings from Viking in 1976. It is also probable that these life forms are silicon based, also according to Chilbolton. Science, take the clue and look at your findings in relation to the messages we have received. But also consider faith and Radiance. You may find what you want.

Tetraneutrons are pretty interesting, but there is nothing saying 0000 cannot become an X-shaped particle. Neutrons are pretty cool and seem to help stabilize a molecule. Find out more about their true function. They have no charge, right? Then what are they doing there? I would examine them from a binary standpoint, or as secondary chemical effects from charged particles. Maybe they mark field lulls to organize charged particle organization. Resisters? I believe a neutron does not need to produce ohms.

Anything pulling on Pioneer probe would pull on everything. Is this not so? Could your attention to the pioneer affect its properties out of relation to anything else you examine? Perhaps they are from massive distant em fields. The probes are no longer in the radius of earth's or the sun's major em or gravitational fields [90%?]. Please find the major radius [90% of the force released within radius x] of magnetic and gravitational effect per mass of matter, or call it infinity.

Dark energy is the same thing as dark matter. Energy = matter.

My first thoughts on the Kuiper cliff were related to Hz of a field produced by the sun [and its satellites, which focus on the center point of the local mass. Again tied to the major radius figure.] There's another big belt something to the tune of 100 billion miles [?] out from the sun
that is very thick and dense with ice. I think such a wide loop would have gross mass. Please weigh it.

These data should help solve several of these 13 major conundrums. Enjoy Science! Praise God!!


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