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Thursday, November 02, 2006


"the charge is quite small. the frequency is important. consider this: **do not add the difference**. The difference will be absorbed from magnetic resistance between the frequencies of the energy and the atoms.

We reap the chemical fruits of this non-chemical interaction."

This is more efficient than standard chemical reactions, because it is not a chemical reaction. It is a chemo-magnetic reaction relying on the functions of magnetic entrainment [using the entrainment principle discovered in the 1700's] and vibrational chemistry [where vibrating objects interact]. If you get U-235 to vibrate like U-238 it will try to find a way to shift into U-238.

The vibration of an element can be called its electrical charge. When you run electricity through a magnet, and all atomics are magnetic, it produces a different pull. U-235 will pull magnetically like U-238 if you get it to vibrate at the U-238 level. It will effectively give it a "three under" magnetic signature, that will attract those 3 other neutrons from all locations possible, like any other element with 3 slots open in its outer shell.

WE can combine magnetic entrainment and vibrational chemistry to make the atoms/molecules like vibrating magnets. No additional atomic components are necessary the case of splitting water, only the arrangement is different, from H2O to HHO. Oxy-fuel.

Also examine below how non-radiant energy loops into an atom! An atom is basically a weak force state collection of many wave energies in which the energy arrangement loops in a circle until nudged out of it by some power or force.

A wave is probably made by interaction of Hz-scale [++] and [--] fields in succession, and signifies the delineation between these variably attracted fields. A piece of energy would be shuffled along those adjacent fields, and rejected from them all, indicating the level of radiance in the field is unseperable on a quantum level. If the level were seperable, it would split the field and produce a 3-some level of charge, which would be either rejected in a new direction or decompose into a smaller quantum state made of a mathematically even level of [++] and [--] charges formed from the original destabilized [++] or [--] field. This probably produces all the fractionalized fields and mathematical electrical harmonics in our universe. It must have been amazing when it began, probably from a single [++][--] wave of titanic amperage.

When a series of charges collect into a [+-] from a collection of such [++] and [--] charges, in weak and non-radiant formation, we see macro/atomic stabilities form. These are the magnetic/atomic strong/weak forces, which cause charges to seperate into poles and also hang together, except where radiantly [+] or [-], in which case they whim/wonder about at "c" [of e=mc^2, where c = your speed + the speed of light]

Magnetic radiance probably has to do with polarity or direction of pull of charge, either convex or concave.


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