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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Quantum Ringing and Visible Objects

"he quantum world is about to get bigger thanks to a technique that will allow objects big enough to see with the naked eye to exist in two places at once.

Quantum properties are most prominent in single particles. In bigger objects thermal vibrations destroy the quantum effects. So in theory, chilling a large object should allow its quantum properties to shine through.

This week, three teams of physicists have perfected a way of doing this (Nature, vol 444, p 67). Their technique is to bombard a mirror of roughly 1014 atoms with photons in a way that damps out thermal vibrations, cooling it to 135 millikelvin. [WB: also note that this principle may fight entropy in some way. dampening heat to turn into photon power could be a good way to recapture ambient heat. also, the universal constant?]

However, the researchers will need sophisticated techniques to see the quantum behaviour. "You can see the mirror with the naked eye but you won't be able to resolve the quantum effects," says Markus Aspelmeyer, at the University of Vienna in Austria."

Dude, I was correct! I talked about this principle and called it 'ringing'. I learned that the quantum harmonics of macro-objects are dampened by thermal activity, though. I suppose the resolution of a quantum would affect the ambient level of energy, as it is then defined, and adjusts the whole unresolved sum in its probability.

I believe if this energy could be decolorized, or given an equal uniform Hz level, it could be visible. That must mean that one thing, so long as the properties of it are identical [temperature, charge] will balance with one another in their ringing orbit. Otherwise, they would gain erratic waveforms and collapse within a few cycles [of electrons around the atom/molecule], or at least form a terminal orbit.

This means that the scale of the object or quantum event is not important, only the principles of it. This is mind over matter, it is substance over condition. [Ethics over circumstance] Ethics can equal circumstance if they do not deharmonize. That is what Jesus told us about the law.


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