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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Amperage and Resistance

Providing a small amount of resistance is how amperage functions. but it doesn't need to be that way. between semi-conductive bits there is already a tension. Instead of overamping this doubt bridge or freezing them together or finding a material with the least natural resistance, the resistance can be broken up with certain resonation. for example, earth's atmosphere is 8hz.

Electrical charges can be passed through it at this hz without substantial loss. So does amperage fight through molecular vibration to pass electrons. An atomic Hz is far higher than air. Copper probably has a high and even resonance geometrically compounding/factoring to or resonating well with ambient electrons' vibration, which is unknown.

We can increase the conductivity of a molecule by affecting its vibration. We can affect its resistance to amperage by affecting its vibration. This could change the electrical conductive properties of matter.

This could allow us to build Hz/chemically stable ultraconductors in great quantity and vbariable materials in ~any temperature. An ultraconductor would lose almost none of the charge passed through it and be able to interact with electromagnetic fields on a level unprecedented by mankind. For example, they could probably skim the earth's electromagnetic field in a way causing field levitation.

Internal resonation is a geometric tensile strength of electromagnetic fields. If we can plot the correct organization of resonance between a series of fielding items [atoms] and charge them appropriately, they will all become stronger electromagnets acting in unison and have an oceanlike affect on even a small or weak field of similar resonance, [such as the fields of dust particles] and on great fields, a force that can move the material/ship.

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