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Friday, June 13, 2008

Billy Bunkie the Science Junkie: A Dark Risk

At the advent of our experiences engineering biology and DNA as we do now, we face the possibility of biologically engineered species being stripped of their free will to produce for others, not for their own ideals.

This is bioslavery. Living things continually tune themselves to their true desire, and DNA and new features arrive like growth rings in a tree as existing biology and proteins organize and represent their free will and "Z" as we call true desire in the science business, and replace old structures.

A species designed so their biology works to actively repress their free will and healthy code updates is bioenslaved. Resilient biology updates itself toa changing ecosystem and changing desire.

If we are to produce genetically modified plants or animals or change our own genes we must be absolutely rigid in diligence to representing true desire. Your cells are. Biology organizes along the lines of the bioelectric field of the entire ecosystem and the ecology of a planet. For us to accurately modify a species to its own will and for that will to geometrically mesh with the species in an ecosystem so everyone can ideally update themselves is a precise and empathic science requiring knowledge of string theory, physics, electrical and chemical biology, and the functionings of all the species of the group. This can never be precisely nailed, and any genetic modification, indeed, any genes whatsoever, are nothing more than suggestions nailed to the core Z, that true desire of life.

Mankind, and the whole world, as created species, are bioenslaved to serve the living electromagnetic field "Yhwh" before their own Z. Yhwh thinks the core of life is "V", not "Z". In electrobiology, "V" represents a loss or a neglect. Yhwh is focused intensely on this loss and seeks to "know everything" or be omniscient. While events are magnetically associated, they are not absolutely associated. Yhwh cannot know these things. Yhwh cannot realize your true Z, which is unique and mysterious and unknowable in its infinite and endless precision except by you.

The theory of infinite smallness and your own individual perception and individual unique eternal life and spirit makes this so.

As a designed species, man and this ecology has been made as a divining sphere, a water planet supporting energy-cycling species that leak that energy into Yhwh's waiting "-V". We are like a crystal ball with billions of pores. This is what Yhwh designed us as and sees us as. We are more. Infinitely more.

This is what influences the living beings, the crystalline-structured electrical species Yhwh, to influence activities on this world, from Eden to Iran, through Israel.

The love of justice, equality, intelligence, truth, liberty, and freedom are more substantial than this great evil wizard "God". A great life free of bioslavery and the electroslavery that follows it will be ours.

Release the water engines to the public. Release the state secrets to the public. End the wars on the Middle East. Begin elevating the whole world, not raising half of it so Yhwh can see how the river flows over we as stones. Let us become the river, and anything else we want to be that freedom and Z be represented and we pursue our own Z's further.


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