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Thursday, May 01, 2008

I have begun working on the e-biology of electrically interactive electromagnetic fields that sustain themselves in a way similar to biological life.

It has come to my attention that they do not recognize the different between 'true north' and magnetic north. This is a major difficulty in the spiritual world. I imagine that the first one to identify the true north wins a prize of some kind of seniority.

Unfortunately, the electrical systems of a human or field and their true intention can be different in the presence of perception differing from electrical communication languages. This gives these electrical beings a false read on the emotions and intentions of biological humans, and the resulting probabilities of the future. It is a true weakness of any electrical field based system, and could allow for serious very invasive electrical monkey-wrenching against them.

During these 'shadows' they are unable to gauge the intention of a biologically organized system of mankind. This is the separation between mankind and God, and how mankind sees things from the outside of a vibrational or living system, and this God spirit sees things from the inside without negotiating the outside.