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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Anaesthesia, DNA, Hypnosis, and Hormones

The hypnosis replacing anaesthesia in surgery is sufficient proof enough, but electrical fields have also aided the process of healing by up to 50% in terms of time taken to heal.

This healing is functionally growth, by regrowth. It is similar for original growth, but the framework comes from a special kind of ringing amongst the cells' electromagnetic fields.

Hypnosis could work through the brain to tune the body's electrical sensitivity and change the stable resonation of the body’s organization as the size and shape and special wiring it is, to a larger size, or a different health organization.

The same could be said of chemical sensitivities. The body sometimes becomes extra-sensitive to the chemical hormones and reacts. The body can become additionally sensitive to its own em field, or to change the production of its em field slightly, and reorganize over a short or medium term.

This could also be used to intelligently, mentally change our own DNA by electromagnetic field.


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