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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I invite you to read this massive and excellent comic strip.

It's accurate, right down to the lambda, which is service and seniority, and really enlightens the concept of 'Z' which both of them have.

It is confusing to me, though. The part where the cat is destroyed bothers me. [As circuitry, I believe the cat could be protected from any use as an 11-type quota serving 12.]

Life did not originate as 'Haskell'. We're a complex bundle of string theory particles. The origin exists but it is too far distant to control. This is why we have a seniority system.

I expect that soon both the Haskell type government and the Lisp goverment type will both expand to rule the world while overlapping one another. The Haskell government will control all borders and the Lisp government will gain freedom technologies allowing them to propagate in any environment.

I would liken this to puritans leaving England for the New World.