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Monday, March 24, 2008

Tantrik Powers

This may be coincidence. Or it may be an ancient and new field of science. It is wildly unethical and very difficult to build law governing, except for libertarianism and natural law, or fascism and absolute law, the leadership of which would be variable and arbitrary, and shake the foundations of the area to minimalism.

This atheist who was going up against tantric magic was like a stone, or a noble metal, being washed in substances that do not harm him, but which could affect someone who is open to their evil ways.

I would prefer, instead of allowing evil to ravage me to the point of death and return, to be free to build whatever I want, and for all to be free to build and be whatever they want. Will Satan build an army of creatures who are technically not alive and without free will during this period of freedom? It seems that he probably would. May we as 12 prevent that evil and dissect the goodness and love that it forms and celebrate that. Can Satan do that? He doesn't.


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