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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Loopy Photons and Quantum Entanglement

I believe photons entangling is the creation of a relative physical sub particle that is the local circuit of a physical law which the two photons obey.

Entanglement may be the creation of new laws of physics.

We as a world may be entangled with one another, in a way that would cause us to experience Newtonian relative forces. Notice how many other photons shot through the optical cable merely took on differing and separate axes of vibration, denoting X and Y. [X < Y]

In the entanglement, one acquires red hz, the other blue, and both interactively vibrate. They probably passed through a single point, or an 8, where they had equal relative location, or a radius of their matter that entrained to the other particle's radius, potentially, for an instant.

The internal function of the photons may have worked to either bounce off of one another and avoid their pairing, or to 'entangle' by accepting the cascading origin pairing, and share magnetic properties with one another's origins. This then maintains by a circuit or more probably a field sensitivity they attain likened to one another. Their unique hz has been affected and they are paired, like becoming the offspring of their union. The action of the one has special dynamic hz resonation with the origin of the other, causing internal forces within the photon's origin point, which is sensitive to minute levels, whereas other waves would be rejected and bounced away after having Newtonian effects, these two particles share hz, as though family, as though their DNA has been changed to be like one another, as though their unique bubbles have been joined and film sealed over and a new bubble popped from the pair.

I also believe that this principle can be used to cause matter to emit spontaneous lateral motion based on local hz frequency. You could make a functional energy to motion engine with this entanglement principle.

This is spaceflight, this is matching the aliens to a great degree in tech and ability. E to motion has been cracked.

Using what I know about mathematics and having observed magnetic shifts and dynamics in polyvariable systems, I am able to intelligently and accurately predict the action of physical particles, especially subatomic particles, without using laboratory equipment.

This is a discovery of great value.

A-shelving of all matter would work, and produce perfect circuits everywhere, but it would take a very long time I wager, and require much 'attention'. Magnetism may be circuit specialization. Specialization and work may be tangent.

This could be defeated by relativity or by a sea of patiently buoyant infrastructure.


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