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Monday, February 25, 2008

I recently wrote a long post about drilling geothermal boreholes for heat in northern citieis instead of drilling for oil. Areas in England have shown temperatures of 168*F at 1800m deep, and mines in Louisiana have shown 141*F temperatures two miles [3500m] deep. Iceland, England, and Ireland have extensive geothermal resources, and it is probable that the American Northwest and perhaps the Northeast and Rockies also have these resources.

For the southwestern and southeastern United States, and elsewhere in the world's subelt, infrared radiation antennas and rectennas have been found to deliver theoretical efficiencies of 90%, with a man from an Idaho institution producing 80% efficient nanoantennae solar systems that *also work at night*. Fantastic. Producing a power plant arranged similar to the tower in the Californian Mojave Desert which produces a force of 600 suns at 80-90% efficiency would rival some coal and nuclear power plants.

I theorized covering the roof of a car with several of these antennae, juicing it up with nanotechnology and ultracapacitor enhanced lead-acid or liion batteries, a CVTransmission, and ~96% efficient electric motors for wheels, or Thane Heins' new illogical induction engine. That car would charge overnight and while driving, and likely be sufficient to convey passengers seamlessly except on very long treks. The new nanotechnology enhanced battery systems promise 10x the energy density of traditional liion batteries, recognized as around 1500-2000Ah/kg.

And check out this latest piece of science on reflective panels of solar arrangements. We will crush you, oil.


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