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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

DNA coils arrange 'telepathically' or as 'impossible'. "Current explanation: none."

This is performed by Tesla circuits. The electromagetic fields of DNA are very sensitive and attract to one another along large and complex routes of evolutionary species tesla /wireless circuits. These circuits can have millions of amperes of energy collected amongst them in the fields of billions of life forms around the whole earth, and the organization of these nucleotides produces a feedback loop within the Tesla field matrix to make them cling with stronger and magnetism seemingly 'from nowhere'.

I suspect that this dark matter that is proposed based on the escape velocity of stars from galaxies causing them to remain when they probably should fly away is related to tesla electronics.

The equation of love has much to do with human fertility and fitness, evolution, quantum circuitry through time proving potential resources and success, niches, and other factors.

Love is a Tesla field circuit as described above.

The Tesla circuit produces a low pressure energy zone within the world-circuit, focused between the two creatures to be in love, making a magnetic pull zone. This magnetism pulls the DNA together through your skin and bodies, attracting you to one another. The ohms of resistance in the circuit will be analyzed by a large feedback loop based on the complex interactivity of electromagnetic fields. The fine mechanics of field interactivity are described by universal number theory, amperage math, and superstring theory. The rough mechanics of this evolutionary process are organizing the density of electromagnetic events and lifeforms to be the highest possible for the planet. This is monitored over time, as Tesla circuits can chart the ohmage of its own circuitry in the future, ad move through those future electrical probabilities. The double-slit experiment and Schroedinger's cat can help here. All it seems to do is look for building the highest charge.

This process involves the creation of numerous life forms to shuffle proteins around in a loop and organize them in more conductive ways.

The positive organization happens in many cases, but can also push species or individuals *out* of the circuit, by attracting them to fitness or fertility reducing activities and events or even preferences and habits.

This is what causes our 'love' to form from field. Beyond that point it is latched together by physical and chemical distinctions such as visual and social recognition, memory, body chemistry and other factors.


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