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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I have worked extensively on electromagnetics, from my studies in subatomics to astronomical field condensations and dynamics to area magnetics and field origin, field vibration, the quantum uncertainties and ringing of electrons and its affect on local amperage and vibration, the origin of magnetic fields, and alchemy.

You can see hundreds of my posts on these topics at Billy Bunkie the Science Junkie and its associated blogs. I have also placed a compact version of my modern notes at SOEMP.

More recently I have been working on the spontaneous formation of helixes and double hexlices in large astronomical fields and the function of energy field condensations within their cycles. The Max Planck institute, a Russian Academy of Sciences, and the University of Sydney presented these findings in 2007.

I believe that in the same way electromagnetic particles can be condensed, so can fields. Since fields are naturally unobserved and can be found at the macroscopic/area level it may be far easier to produce their entanglements. They also have much to do with electron ringing and quantum uncertainty, which is easily modifiable, even without substantial equipment,although the effect is generally by field as well, rather than directly observable. A crossover or a a 0=1 manipulation of production could probably turn those fields into solid fruits. I am reminded of the phase change.

They say this dusting occurs in plasma, which means it has a latency or tendency to form in other phases, as the plasma is a medium of the originating organization. This may be similar to the key-gen system or admin password for physics.


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