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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Alchemical Electron Productivity

The transmission of lead into gold is a potential alchemical reaction that is as possible as changing plastic into oil, or water into HHO.

Gold, being the #79 element, lead being #80, have unique atomic hz resonations, which are measurable as very, very low amperage wave functions emitted from the regional atomic stability of the atom, which is an evenly formed stable electrical field with numerous magnetic chunks stably orbiting in rotation so that no foreign particles can immediately leave or enter without negotiating the existing resonations and cyclical maths regional to portions of the atom.

Arguably, the entire atom's magnetism could be crushed if it were not evenly distributed within the atom, causing the simple destruction of the atomic formation, but this would be immediately less useful than the atom in most scenarios. Perhaps the magnetism could be destabilized to release as electrons and radiation heat.

Heat appears to be the radical radiation of tiny particles released from an atom. Basically, vibrating dust, which could potentially be assembled back into atoms by a machine with sufficient precision to gather the ambient particles and assemble them into suitable stabilities.

Gold could potentially be afflicted with an entraining resonation wave, sufficient to harass it into the lead's natural vibrational frequency that occurs as a result of the lead's normal stabilities, causing the gold's internal vibration to distort to the lead's signature vibration. This distortion would change the gold particle's magnetic properties organized by its internal portions. This magnetism could theoretically either magnetically attract electrons and protons from other regional atoms, or cause such particles to form from ambient heat/dust particles nearby,causing the gold to be alchemically changed into lead.

In this condition, the gold particle itself could be turned into a device used to take ambient heat and turn it into electrons.

A oscillating wave frequency could be used on a particle of gold to turn it into lead, ideally not lead by proton formation, but an ionized gold particle at -1, which has a unique vibration distinct from a true lead particle with the additional proton. This shift would attract particles from the ambient to form the additional electron.

The second phase of the oscillating wave would be to strip the gold -particle of the extra electron, which would then be attracted down a gold or copper wire to a production machine. In this way, an efficient oscillating wave could harass gold particles to produce electricity from 'nothing'.

I win.


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