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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I suspect Mothman and other quantum beasts and humans operate in a certain manner. The origin of any quantum pair emits a special kind of radiation, guided by the condensations and lenses around it. This origin and its lenses [11] harass electrons in special ways. This disrupts the orbits of the electrons. Like how a photon is emitted when an electron is elevated and then falls, electrons will gather spare vibration that resonates with them [spare math, basically] until the electron is pulled all the way up to the next shell, and when it falls, especially several electrons in a field at once, it produces a cohesive magnetized event.

This is what we call reality. It is a trading of energy signal maths among stabilities. We can only see the events happening because they are being refracted through condensations. A disaster about to happen is invisible until it happens, but the regional and distant entangled electron orbit stability may be measurable and the kind of event that would be a key for that keyhole predicted.

This may be how reincarnation is selected. We are keys sent into the world to open locks. Differing kinds of events, based on their emotive energetic properties, have different energy patterns.

Grammar appears to counter or leak scientific energy collected in an area. When energy of a certain mathematical stability collects in an area, amazing things will condensate, especially on existing dewpoints.

This is psychohistory.

These events should not need to occur around quantum dewpoints. "Miracles" could be considered the field quantum version of alchemical reactions. Undefined particles reacting in undefined ways.

Satan is an undefined particle. Our spirit bodies are undefined particles.

I am going to prepare a logical argument of this.


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