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Monday, December 24, 2007

The double split [2P] experiment is the onset of fusion. If we as a society master fusion we will be able to do so many amazing and wonderful things and leave all of our problems.

The fusion source of the sun produces the heliosphere, which protects us from solar chaos. I would like measurements of radiation from superhelio satellites. That radiation data could yield very good information about the composition of the universe. Just as satellite telescopes are cleaner than terrestrial ones, so are superhelio radio telescopes better than helioriffic ones.

Fusion > $.

We should be able to incorporate alchemy into the molecular process of fusing protons.

8 we shall assume is the proton. This could change. The shape of a proton may be an 8, balling in all directions at once. That would be very nifty and also probable. The electron is doing the same, but [-1], or inverted.

If we can measure the string setup and deviation pattern of a proton we should be able to predict them and seamlessly string them together onto the same cord. Once they are on the same cord, the protons will make a proton[2], which will be a 16, which will have such freakish power to review *anything*. It will emit as a very high number of inverted protons, or possibly intelligent particles or fields, [converse to fission] and resolve itself to the normal proton stability [14] which serves the intentional atomic justice [17].

We should be able to guide this process by aiming direct frequency energy waves through the 'heliosphere' of an atom by predicting its electromagnetic field emissions to affect the subatomic particle photon inside the atom. By 'tipping' the stripped hydrogen proton with a photon perhaps, or maybe a neutron that has been specially prepared to have a certain hz relative to the proton using a pro-atom, or a special hz em field, we can unwrap the two protons and put them in the same area.

We can also study how a proton forms from strings. If we can get the string shape of a proton knot/terminal stability we can find the 11-time frequency that makes the string bunch up that way, like the iron filings do on the sound board, and then intersect the two protons. If we put a field of that proton 'juice' around the noble protons we can do anything else to it if we keep the hz a geometric figure involving that juice#. The proton [8] plus 'unravel proton' [8][-14] = -112hz, '-' being either reverse polarity or an absolute value, then end 'unravel proton' [8 'hz'] should give us fusion, and a single proton shedding.

That is 2 protons, 1 hole.

The diametric opposite of 2 girls 1 cup, which is shameful and disgusting. This is wonderful and fantastic. Instead of eating sh!t you will be eating hydrogen-cooked organic russet potatos grown in siberia. Timely.

[Time [11] is merely coincidence of existence. See above or at about # sacks.]

Also, sorry about boasting about fusion. That probably gave us the video in the past instead of something nice in the future. However, I encourage the quantum effective spirits to use intelligence.

Now that they may know, we will have something even more wonderful in the future! Hooray. 12 up.


ps now that we could have fusion, we should begin something new. Like preparing for the freakish and fantastic libertarian system that will follow when men no longer need one another and rely on their love instead of the stalinist soviet organization methods copied into capitalism x the globe.

I am also working on artificial genesis, which requires electrical engineering or fusion, and a place for God in our minds and lives. To be functional truly it will require an acceptable bioelectrical tesla circuit framework.


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