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Friday, December 21, 2007

The String Mosaic

The world is comprised of a vast and infinitely winding series of strings, like a shoestring knot the size of a planet. There is no possible way to find one end or the other, and they probably form a complete circuit anyway, as we are an actively vibrating em field.

As electrical strings/circuits, they operate by probabilities and em field composition laws of electrical current organization. You can notice similarities in the composition of the heliosphere or earth's ionosphere. It helps give us weather.


Regarding the polyamorous problem, note that the preceeding numbers in the string are 5,6,7. #5-7 being the correction or refining process of potential. #6 as the potential being tested to edit, likely the comparison of potentials of various possible circuits in the area and future. time/space mod. #5 being all the possible routes there are, and their periodic emphasis over #4, the stable state of a net change system.


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