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Thursday, November 22, 2007



It is important to me that I eat and not be killing anything as I do it. For this reason, I must create a sustainable system to produce food in my body without injury to myself or others.

I will construct a nanolunchbox. It will be a spider-shaped device. You should swallow the spider, which will then extend soft bendable silica-coated arms to cause it to not be passed through the stomach. It should be about the size of a small walnut, without arms extended. It should be durable to the point that being punched in the stomach will not destroy it nor injure the stomach. It should be resilient and neutral to the stomach lining.

It could run on alcohol, the kind found in alcoholic beverages. It should ideally have a local braodcast only remote control of some sort. Maybe a unique key CRM.

It will break the alcohol's energy into the standard nutritional requirements of a human being. Using only fermented fallen fruits or rye or other products I should be able to survive. It should also have a small ultracapacitor inside itself to store the alcohol charge so I don't need to always be drunk or containing alcohol to use it. It could also receive e- by tesla circuit from a panel broadcaster worn like a belt. Either is a fine choice.

Getting initial particulate mass into the stomach is the problem. I do not want to be eating dirt or somesuch just for the nanomachine to chop it.

I want it to be able to handle contaminants that I would not normally expose to my stomach, such as gasoline and poisons and other toxins. It may also produce a readout of the things that I have actually eaten to be quantum original code message sent to the belt.

Yes, this is it. A bubble, which is quantumly unique. A bubble is to be taken as the unbreakable code. If you were not there at the formation of that bubble, you are not inside it and the code and true unique data of it, which goes to infinity, will never be breakable by you, an outsider.

The spider will have one part of a bubble, split into two bubbles. The belt will have the other. Putting the signal through the bubble and having it be that bubble - bubble 2, should produce a tranferrable data uniquity. Uniquity: like equality, but one. An equality of one. Unbreakable code.

The signal data sent through one bubble of data will be sent to the other, and data exchanged and interpreted. That is CRMeriffic.

The spider will be the complex piece, the belt a shell. The spider will probably be an ultracap the size of a marble surrounded by a membrane containing nanorobots, each capable of performing a few kinds of nanochemical reactions. A nanorobot should be able to do the following equations:

alcohol to carbohydrate
alcohol to sucrose
alcohol to protein [tough?]
alcohol to the various vitamins and minerals

Some of these may involve nanoalchemy. The majority should be adjustable in a simple chemical procedure. Chemical attachments are proscribed alchemical attachments centering to the stability of the atom, making them easy and nanoconcise. They do not require exterior-intelligently tuned mathematical fields to change an atom to a new form, for the fields already fall into patterns at the atomic level, and remain magnetically stable [+-8]. Equal, for better or worse.

A nanobot could emit a tiny entraining field upon a particle isolated and ID'd by it or a group of specialized task nanobots. This entraining field could harass the particle into a new useful particle form using a nanoscale antenna and transmitter met by a signal blocking device or recovery 'synapse', a gap in which a signal is launched laterally to be recovered, so as not to affect additional particles, and for that energy to be recovered.

The spider must also somehow assess your nutrient requirements. This kind of data could be kept in the belt, or it could be a supplement to a light diet, so as not to gradually poison using inappropriate nutrient portions. The nanobot could be linked to another bot nanosurgically implanted or injected and lodging near the liver or anywhere in the bloodstream to determine nutrient content, or the spider could be tuned before ingesting.



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