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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Athiesm is Obsolete

Many claim that God or spiritual forces do not exist. This concept is supported primarily by the stark contrast between the world of common perception and the world of rare perception. It is almost like trying to see stars in the daytime. More like in the city with a full moon. Basically starless.

Scientists have recently proven a wealth of concepts that actually explain the power and existence of spiritual entities and bring us closer to understanding the nature of the universe and that all things, even the event you are experiencing, live.

Recently it was shown that some electromagnetic fields are alive.

This provides proof of concept of angels, demons, satan, and God. EM fields can become pretty large. The Scandanvians have been able to measure the em field that human bodies emit since at least 1991. A living EM field would be difficult to isolate in a lab, especially since they can move about freely, through walls, into invisibility, like a ghost.

Since humans as a product of living produce an em field, it is rational to presume that they keep it when the body dies, and that the em field floats away to another world or another body eventually, possibly a baby or an animal.

Recognizing subatomic potentials and alchemy shows that miracles can happen. By arranging powerful em fields in local regions, an arm can be reformed from a broken arm and all the natural living particles reasonably constructed within seconds or less. The only limiting factor is the field, as particles can be coalesced from existing background strings, which are basically nothing except for wonder.

I could miracle you up a T-shirt from thin air if I was able to solidify several atoms and molecules into the shape of a T-shirt. You would probably cry. Actually, I, too, would cry.

It can be done.

God exists, but he's vain and wants to dominate you. Satan envies his power and ability to change, and wants everything to be like himself. They are big heaping em fields, or they are species of living em field working together for their goals.

Anything that knows and loves real truth is better. Even humans.


Yahweh and New Jerusalem

Yahweh is a living magnetic field, or maybe has some physical components. His magnetic field *leaks*, because one portion of it overlaps itself [a 12=13 magnetic error] and em radiation spews from that point. It manifests as certain beliefs, in this case, that progression or voluntary perception is senior to voluntary choice or intentional change. He is anti-exploration, hence the apple and [semi-]secluded garden. This is disordered and the result of failure.

God made humans to perform some kind of function, as Yahweh's em field leaks according to number theory and the way em fields form. Yahweh probably hopes to use mankind as a stipend to his own magnetic error, which he is too vain to fix in himself directly. Despite Eden's failure, Yahweh still hopes to put man into this power plant arrangement and will call it the New Jerusalem. This New Jerusalem will be a human power plant of emotions and servitude, a rejection of voluntary change, a paradise, to be eaten by God. From there Yahweh's em field would be even harder to repair, and his vain errors more deeply engrained and supported.

Where Yahweh has been getting closer to achieving this goal, mankind has been getting more free. This is an inverse relationship that should be broken towards progression of mankind [12v] and freedom of choice [13]. Yahweh could become fixed and find that 12!=13, 12>!13, or could be relegated and leak to below the 12hz level.

No human is a necessary social judge or function, except the self. I will pursue and follow that which is good forever.

I speculate that God has established these 13 bloodlines in order to control mankind with them, to guide them incessantly towards this power plant goal. 13 bloodlines of control? evil. give them the 1=1. Mankind is not to be slaves or undercreatures to Yahweh, man is to be free and unique and sustainable on the own, as Yahweh should become. Even a cohesive unit of errors is unsustainable, just leaking more slowly. Yahweh is not to be allowed to gain this power plant, as it would be wrongfully abused into affirming error and a lack of love.

The men and women of the 13 bloodlines illuminati, Hapsburgs, Rockefellers, etc, set up to control humanity should become aware of these things and change their ways against this cracked parasite, despite that it favors them, and overthrow it, as it is a terminal field and a ticket to slavery. They should similarly strike down the systems of control of mankind and strongly educate man about these things where men and women will listen that they may prosper sustainably, without overbearing em threat. Men are not cows. Life is sacred. Cracking true holy living things into the coparasitic shapes they are is slavery of pairs, punishing both with incompletion, God taking the best for his own sustenance to fill him where he leaks, where he is wrong.

This is what Revelations has been discussing, and is being negotiated currently. Consider the amazing freedom stories of more foreign energy structures. Truth will win over Yahweh. Goodness [1hz=1hz] into infinity and intelligence is the way.


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