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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Living Fields and Religion

Magnetic field propagation is based on number theory. An origin of ++, two good ideas, begins, and from there they negotiate the things that are represented by the ascending numbers. If the field negotiates the ascending numbers appropriately the field will expand and the idea prosper.

1: ID, unity of the ++ as 1.
2: perception, recognition of other things
3: much social function and change, topics
4: sustainability, squareness.

Each # is one more hz wave of the field, theoretically, or one set of hz. Each ring contains a shape of the sort that it is as a ring. The third ring has a triangle inside. The fourth a square. But that fourth ring has the third ring and triangle laying ambient inside it.

When a field can no longer maintain outward expansion it begins to leak or break. If a field reaches a very conductive portion, or another field, it will contend with the other field or intensely scrutinize itself at the portion. The field that is 'right' based on topic and the meaning of the original ++ will supercede.

Similar to alchemy of atoms, a field can be made into intelligent shapes. We make new fields when we make new ideas. We are alive and meaningful because we use our brains to build new dynamic and unexpected fields. We are a tree with almost infinite potential branches. This high level of randomness and dynamicism makes us 'alive', and the body and specially hz conductive materials required to sustain this procedure are 'suspicious' symptoms of this dynamic nature. EM fields do not use chemical symptoms so frequently, but they do use em symptoms.

Any field that has a x=x+1 or x>x+1 element to it *is leaking*, and will need to be sustained by additional energy given to its origin somehow. For a field to be truly successful it will need to be either mathematically and logically perfect or continually sustained.

God and Satan and all living things are em fields, supported by chemical churnings, which are the dynamic and controlled release of smaller fields from atoms, which degrade into new atoms while losing some of their power level. Some creatures do not use chemicals but instead rely on direct forms of em radiation. A 'betavoltaic' dynamic creature, if you will.

These living fields can subatomically affect particle vibration patterns and radiation to encourage atoms to shift or events to occur. This matches the concept of the supernatural.

From research and patterns of symptomology, Satan has an 11>12 error type, which patterns itself in many ways and has co-errors cascading from the original error. Yahweh has a type 12>13 error, and a fascination with #12, pride, jealousy. #11 is conformity. #12 is progression and love. [<3] #13 is voluntary change and association. #14 is voluntary sustainability.

To voluntarily not change in the presence of Yahweh or Satan or the functions of other spirits who are evil and trying to feed their imperfect, dying fields is heroic for a human in 2007. For a field to be sustained, it must be fed pure hz[x] from x12 living em field enjoys having 12 under its control, as though it were trying to destroy all "12". It translates to courage to continue, in the belief that they are getting closer to being right by changing the environment they are in and reducing the threat of beings knowing 11<12 being present. A lie in the dark is still a lie, however.

Satan's 11=12 means that he seeks greater conformity and wants to reduce or hates progress. This fits the Satan personality legend. Yahweh's 12=13 means that he seeks greater progress and less voluntary change. This fits the proscribed laws and brutal punishments of the ancient Jews.

Co-parasitic beings often line up in 11=12, 12=13 error groups to mutually weaken their opposition. Both of those statements are true, but they demonstrate Goebbel's Big Lie explanation.

This Yahweh and this Satan, and the magnetic beings that serve them, are evil and seek to soak humanity for energy to support their failing electromagnetic fields and lives. That is why we were created, as food sources for Yahweh. Producing "13" under Yahweh's control gives him power. Making us 'gardeners', where we produce 'intentional change' on a regular basis, gives him tiny electromagnetic fields from our neuron networks of accepting intentional change, to plants or animals or other puzzles. These fields sustain his leaking field. Also our love of his origin regardless of his error may also support him. It is intelligent to appreciate someone's life, but to respect their errors, as we are expected to by religion, is theft of right.

Humans also interact electromagnetically with one another in these ways. Every piece of human corruption is a +- theft of energy. Some have grown to enjoy these thefts, as they are slightly electrifying, and some trained neurological elements find gratifying. Demons or other spiritual beings may work to shape the vibration of particles and the gearing of potential future events to maximize their 'food' productivity with the help of their human hosts.

Much of the shaping of fields relies on the actual event neurological interpretation of ethics or morality. Knowing morality and progression of number theory and preventing illegitimate events and thought is a good way to batten down the electromagnetic hatches and study or attack electromagnetic parasites.

Do you have an energy hog in your house?

I would like to see experimentation with living electromagnetic fields and sceintific electromagnets. Granted most of our magnets are entirely 50%/50% +-, which is seen as 'ambient' background, or neutral and which should not substantially affect spirits, it is a conductive area to be contended over. We can use energy to produce ++ magnets which may have positive effects on the 'class' of a spiritual area.


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