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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Quantum Physical Number Theory

There is a numerical representation of forms existing somewhere in the universe. Perhaps it is more of a panexistential pattern that dictates the way quantums will organize and collapse. But it exists and occurs as a string of numbers in a line which have concentric circles emanating from them.

The points where the number emanations intersect, which is a geometric pattern, is where and how they interact. Each number has a frequency and a charge and bioelectrically and by natural law and number theory represents a certain set of conditions. [See #T, below] Problems arise in human life when we recognize these numbers differently than they are. Because of the apple, we know both the right organization of numbers, and the wrong way. Whichever one we have faith in is the one we see, despite the greater amperage of a higher number over a lesser one. It is a connect the dots game, and if you see two potential pictures in the dots, which one acts? It can be frightening.

Particularly prevalent in these number errors seem to be the 11 > 12, the 5 > 6, the 3 > 4, and certain discrepancies with 0 & 1. The 0 on the number line is not " ". It has weight, as this is a non-euclidian physically represented number theory set, with quantum powers.

All of these errors are true falsehoods and artificial correlations, often based on inappropriate emphasis, numerical illusions of perception, and exacerbated by traumatic incidents or excessive examinations or desires.

I believe these beliefs can affect the body's production of hormones and neurochemicals via the pineal gland and can make otherwise normal biochemical arrangements appear at different hz frequencies for that molecule, affecting the body's internal systems. The pineal gland may function as a tuning fork for numerical quantum resonation, affecting quantum enfolding and collapse. Pathology in this area is akin to a zombism and addiction to evil, and may account for why numerical evil is a patternizing and semi-contagious behavior, and also why most behaviors are patternizing, and for the causation of physical stability [8], which can degrade into entropy [-11] through entrainment.


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