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Thursday, July 12, 2007

We need to establish what I will call "panhuman overlapping primacy". This is where two sets of data/society overlap in one respect but are completely different in another respect. This is "12".

How to make this functional is immunity. Libertarianism is a good choice for a set in which to found this overlap. Libertarianism will provide a good nest in which to lay two or poly eggs, all obeying and supporting the tenets of greater set/nest. The nest also being sufficient so that it causes its eggs to overlap one another.

Between these eggs there will be a voluntary decision of personal primacy. From these, the selection of which egg to join will occur. This will result in almost infinite possible eggs occurring, but none of them detracting from the others, each of them being supported wholeheartedly by the people involved because of the nil detraction from the individual's enjoyment and energy for the 'egg' and the null penalty for leaving or switching or changing the egg, within the rules of the poly-nest.

Libertarianism and an end to materialism will produce this effect.

This will destroy all fear but from present immediate physical harm.


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