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Saturday, July 07, 2007

String Theory and

This comic from XKCD and a sketch I had on my desk gave me the fantastic realization that all things including potentialities apply to the rule of Number Theory through the principles of String Theory. String Theory and Number Theory combine to form Stable Theory, whereas all non-momentary things are patterns of the stability of these string vibrations.

The picture I saw was a 1 curving in a circle.

These looping string stabilities form all matter, atoms, molecules, and macroconditions. They are made of attention. They can be modified by chemical function or, on the larger local levels where an atomic stability cannot affect them, by Hz or local-sized stabilities.

An atom is uncuttable because it is the smallest known stability, which arranges into a circular valley of pattern. An atom is cuttable and obeys certain chemical and energetic laws but they are local to its scale.

Science, atoms are fun, but they have predictable stabilities and methods of being affected by electricity and Hz and charge produced from shifting chemical bonds.

The energy freed from certain chemical reactions will shuffle off as differing stabilities, such as heat, [local atomic] magnetic charge as ions, various forms of non-heat radiation.

All things are either stabilities, however briefly, running in loops, or are pure 'wonder'. "The Funk that Lives Inside You" [real term]/breath/attention of God. The valleys this funk runs down are the mathematical probabilities and attractive and entropic forces of universal String Theory calculation of 1=1. The funk is governed by laws of the opposite, of wonder, of change. They are the 'strong' and 'weak' forces. Together they operate to produce stabilities honorable to God.

Then there is gravity and radiation. Radiation are stabilities of this Funk and Valley partially solidified, as radioactive particles are stable but travel by a force of wonder as well. Gravity is also partially solidified. It is the opposite. The Funk has not been solidified and the function is unstable, but the Valley has been established. Gravity is a valley down which anything will slide at a controlled rate into other funk.

It has also been described as a shadow of force pushing from the universal constant.

It is an amperage driven probability ~constant produced from an environment of wonder. It pushes wonder/funk into valleys to cause regional collection.

These things all coalesce to entertain God, basically. They are driven on the largest looping stability, which is 'everything', in an MC Eschered vibration frequency of all possible things. The 1 loops into itself as a zero, completing all things and moving into them.

The fan spins not to go in a circle, but to move air. The universal laws will change if metaphorical 'air' is not moved by their spin. Electrons in circuitry. Attention in circuitry. 0 being the base circuit, 1 being the charge, 12^ through #T being the air, 1/0^. Deviation from this occuring based on attention and functioning for these purposes.

How would this take effect? Through all attention, ruled by #T, sharpening the main 0/1, or submitting to the entraining current of the 0/1.


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