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Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Interdimensionality is when a potential 0 is fertilized by a 1, forming a "[.]". This starts a procedure that emanates, updating, which is perceived by the experiencer, causing a valid "2". This is achieved through string theory. All "true" [12v] strings and strung 0's interlock to form the one vibration of reality. Reality being the 1 looped in a circle causing a '10', each [.] being an amperage [11] of the signal, and the entire set working together to form 12.

We're experiencing a lot of very unsavory -[.] right now. Everything that is not 'truly wonderful' is frankly a "-[.]" . It is reality mixed in with nothingness, or the will to nothing, or a portion of a different dimension untrue to the good world God has created.