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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ferrosegments and #T

These ferrosegments arrange themselves according to number theory. i believe that this is what subatomic particles arrange themselves as in the presence of an em field emitted from their smaller components. The ferrosegments are large enough to be visible and are stable representations of field effects of energy. This energy is present in nanofields inside and around an atom, and their confluence frequently causes atoms to form. The atoms remain in these valleys of probability and stability until pushed to other forms by differing local field structures. Dissimilar fields not producing lower energy valleys will not combine without outside force intervention/intelligence because 8[equality]<9[intelligence].

I believe that appropriate field interference will dismantle and change atomic stabilities, as stated below on this page around March and proven later by companies turning plastic back into oil this spring and John Kanzius' display of alchemy this summer.

My theories on water H20->HHO vibration began at the article on this page on October 30, 2006. They advanced through Spring 2007 and came to fruition in the two laboratories mentioned in Spring and Summer 2007.


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