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Sunday, October 14, 2007

EM Fields and Powerlines

Consider this video on the electromagnetic effects of power lines, in combination with the BBC video about the effect of a spacetrip on bacteria, combined with the experiment on piranhas causing giantism. Evolution and health and pansocial mood are affected by electromagnetic fields and their densities and polarities.

These fields are also produced by cell phones and other electronic devices.

Learn about sympathy of fields.

A field will attract other fields to it geometrically in hz up and down the number chain. It will also push away fields that are competingly close, like an actor on a stage.

[Consider this video on theta brainwaves. Note that playing it with the stereo headphones will tune your brain's brainwave geometry to a special frequency. This might not be the frequency you should be experiencing right now. It might make your brain tingle or hurt in certain ways that you feel it should not. Or it could be a fine tuning experience that makes all music and events occurring after you listen to it seem slightly imprecise, a symptom of very accurate musical rhythm.

Does this also translate into IQ, EQ, and psychic experience of megageometric energetic events?]


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