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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

China and #8

I believe that the Chinese and many easterners have a very proscribed society. According to number theory #8 represents beauty and a pattern formation. 9 Represents intelligence and moving with only the best of what is beautiful, even if it is unbeautiful.

The extreme traditionalism of eastern society makes me believe they have an 8>9 type error, or possibly a 3>4 type error infection broadly manifest in their culture.

They also appear to show a preference for #6, which is review, which they may use to capitalize on the 8>9 error.

4, sustainability, is taboo in that culture. It is remaining the same despite something beautiful elsewhere. They may be enslaved to beautiful things or ways. Hence the study of chi, martial arts, seasons and an environmental romantacism.

However, they believe that good things come in pairs, which is and understanding of the unified field theory of radiance, a profit from being attentive to their environment[s].

A square would be 4 sets of two pairs of objects/lines, closing someone out, or something in. A membrane is a 4-system. A perforated membrane is a 3-4 system. This can probably be found in the chemical structure of cell walls.

I view this as an error of intimidation and that Chinese people and eastern culture at large should reexamine their choices and emphases with attention to logic and a disregard for intimidation of any sort, even the smallest amount. Logic is always 100% of the puzzle and intimidation is never anything other than 0%.


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