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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Nanoreplicator

The concept of a nanoreplicator has been proof-of-concepted.

Alchemical reactions have been proven by labs turning plastic back into oil using microwaves and by John Kanzius who turned water into hydrogen fuel using em frequency.

Nanorobotics and molecule level robotics and machinery are being examined by world laboratories.

The nanoreplicator will work by first taking garbage and sorting it into basic atoms and molecules. It will do this by secluding the garbage and subjecting it to various specific em frequency waves to break it down into component molecules. These molecules could be collected and stored in reservoirs.

From these reservoirs or another resource filtering system nanomachines will draw material to the surface of a plate. The surface will be comprised of numerous million nanorobots, each capable of adding a molecule or so to the above region.

These >million nanorobots will all produce one atomic layer of product at a certain time. The product could be molecularly associated with the other element by hitting it with a conjoining em signal frequency to get the two layers to mold atomically, where mass longchain chemical stabilities allow. This will form a coreaction layering system that will eventually thicken into visible components. The variable benefits within this manufacturing method are diverse, and the nano-level engineering possibilities are almost infinite. Engineering performance will dramatically improve.


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