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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Astrology and Quantum EM

'Astro-logos' is one old bridge between em function and understanding this em function.

It charts the em correlations between large but distant, or close, em bundles, such as Jupiter, the Moon, the Sun, Earth, Russia, yourself, and the Sagittarius constellation, and how the origins of our bodily manifestations are affected by the em cyclings of astronomical bodies, and earth's cyclings within that loop.

Electromagnetic precedence is the presence of a field in which you function. We sit in the earth's em field very much right now. But we don't necessarily need to. Just because it is your day or something bad is 'going' to happen today, or just because you're at -3 in the stock market does not mean you won't have an up day. Even by a lot. But environments are present, especially if you focus on them or go with that flow. Sometimes it is right to go against the flow in order to prosper.

Granted, Sagittarius has a very weak em signature on Earth, but it is very articulate, and very strong at its home. Russia does not have a lot of pull in Montana, but it certainly could become important if a lot of issues in Montana began to focus on something Russian. But ignore it, and Russia is nothing. The em function, which may knock often at the door of your life, could be important or not, desired or not.

It is a series of electromagnetic semi-intelligently organized instructions codes or environmental data that is given to you. Your birthday is special because that is the start of your most recent dance, a bottom whole note of em music, and something to be jazzed with intelligently.


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