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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Synergy and intelligent pairs

How do 2 intelligences react perfectly?

#T association goes by signs. Signs are +, x, ^. Addition, multiplication, exponential, ascending in geometric order of goodness and synergy. + is actually a negative outcome.

9+9 would be 18, where one equality exists, and both must lose their intelligence. This is 8>9. Man and God experience this, as man is intelligent and subdued by God to lose his [and both their] intelligence in deference.

9X9 is 81. They are both treated as equals to one another. Both retain their intelligence, and give others the respect for their ways that they give themselves. But they do not fully understand the intelligence that the other has.

9^9 is 387420489. Change [3] equality [8]. Justice [7] [4] sustained in each other by the other, perceive [2] an environment [0] of sustainability [4], equals [8] intelligence [9].

Every possible permutation of that numerical sentence is true. Any intelligent interpretation is potentially right. So similarly can any combination of numbers be organized intelligently.

We could produce the exponents of 3^8^7^4^2[^0]^4^8^9. Unfortunately, this contains a 0, and 'to the 0th power' is usually 1, and 1 to any power is nothing. It could be that something needs to go to the 20th power instead.

6561^7 = 523347633027360537213511521"L" as you can see this number, the exponent of intelligence ^ intelligence, is very high, and the permutations would be monumental and plain take a long time to discover. But then once they could be understood[+], planned[x], and executed[^], they would be fantastic in scale.


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