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Saturday, December 22, 2007

String Theory By Field

It seems that a string is a path of entanglement, or possibly a copy or reflection of a portion of the original particle, making the patternous effects we see in physics and reality, a calendrical system.

This path of entanglement is a tesla field circuit, regardless of scale. a selected electrical pathway among a field, which could be only so slightly emphasized among the electrical charge present in the field. voluntary shroedinger's conductivity differences.

imagine a perfect sphere, with one electron placed at the center. the electron will choose to go to the outer portion of the sphere, but what path will it take? Is the material surrounding it infinitely equal? Like the slot experiment below, it cannot be known if the material is unless it is examined.

This is basically how quantums are made, and attention set on one part of the sphere changes its conductivity slightly, but significantly. This creates what seem to be organized strings in an otherwise impasseable or random world, the attention of God, or other living electromagnetic fields.


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