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Sunday, December 23, 2007

5th Closest Star Discovered in 2007

I am honestly disappointed in this achievement. It displays a lack of awareness of our local region. We can develop our electromagnetic signature detection abilities to our human benefit. We can track a cell phone call on Jupiter. We can hear a star that is only 7 light years away.

Let's work on electromagnetically mapping or triangulating the environment of our solar system and the area among several light years away. We can do this by setting up a few em sensitivity stations on earth, Mars, and Jupiter, or as close as SF/Boston or Fiji, and comparing their em data. This should quickly bring into focus all local objects, then all objects on earth, around and inside earth, and into space.

We can also do this with individual humans. It's a worthwhile em study, and can capture most everything except for darkfield unobserved events.

We might be able to triangulate events in our solar system if we analyze Voyager II's information about our heliosphere in relation to our sun. I'd also like to set up a series of about 5 or 7 or 12 satellites to orbit at our heliosphere and give us informational data about it and our ss. They could potentially be there by the 2020's, eh? Start them up. If we find a good engine replacement soon we could have them there faster.


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