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Tuesday, December 25, 2007


A black hole is formed when some force dissonates with the 11 standing between two particles. There is no veil between them, but they are not 12'd together in any way at all. They remain separate entirely but become ~infinitely close. This produces a great deal of magnetic disruption which is basically passed on to others behind them in a +-ing. What sort of magnetic force would result from two magnets becoming infinitely close, to within their atoms likely, but never fusing? The magnetic equivalent is passed on through to make them spin, and as rotating superconductors make gravity. This gravity becomes on-infinite, but of course not infinite. All things are measurable.

This is not fusion. It is fusion minus joining. That joining is *impossible* to produce with 12.

If it did fuse, it would be the action of a '12'. 11 can never cause fusion. It is merely separation x0, and unity is something additional to nothing. 0!=1. .9999... will never equal 1, although it sucks a lot. Fool.

Seriously, it's the dumbest mathematical waste of time ever conceived of, by amperage. Hold two magnets close. Closer. Closer still. The attractive force becomes greater. You can't call 11+1-x [where x>0] 12. The attractive force becomes geometrically infinitely greater when you approach infinitely close. [i^2 x i].

This is how a black hole works, and how to fail at fusion, basically wasting the maximum possible energy to attempt fusion.

Mankind will fail if they continue to pursue this pathway. Physicists, do not cause this to happen on earth. I'd not like that.

If you produce such a black hole on earth, you will all perish. No flesh would survive.

Fusion is the way to go. Just use the string theory and give up on this silly nonsense. I hate to send emergency letters to CERN or another physics lab, but this is a problem.


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